2024 NFL Playoffs: Bills fans help clear snow from stadium before divisional-round game vs. Chiefs

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Shoveling at Highmark Stadium is becoming a weekly chore for some fans. As they did last week, the Buffalo Bills asked fans to come to their stadium and help shovel snow to prepare the space for Sunday’s divisional-round game against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, which Will start at 6:30 pm. ET.

The good news is that, unlike last week, when inclement weather caused their wild-card game to be postponed until Monday, the snowfall that occurred in Buffalo is don’t expect to fall During their upcoming game, though it could continue into Saturday.

The team issued a memo asking fans — over the age of 18 or under the age of 18 — with proper working papers — who wish to report to the stadium beginning at 2 p.m. ET on Friday, January 19. They were able to shovel all day and all night if they wanted.

Thanks to shovelers – who were paid $20 an hour and provided a heated break area – the stands are now ready for Bills fans to enter the stadium. Take a look at Highmark Stadium a few hours before kickoff:

The Bills’ Super Wild Card Weekend game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was moved from Sunday to Monday due to inclement weather, as the snow piled up higher than the seats. Despite shovelers and crews helping prepare the stadium, some fans had to shovel snow to reach their seats last week.

Since this storm does not seem to be as severe, fans will have an easier time reaching their seats this time. The probability of snowfall during the day on Friday was 80 percent, which dropped to 24 percent on Friday night and 22 percent on Saturday. Before the game on Sunday, there is a 9 percent chance of a mix of snow and rain, increasing to a 15 percent chance of snow overnight, according to Weather.com.

The Chiefs advanced to the divisional round after defeating the Miami Dolphins 26-7 on Saturday. Aside from previous Super Bowl appearances, this will be quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ first postseason road game.

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