2024 NFL trade rumors: Patriots likely to deal Mack Jones after OC interview focused on QB draft prospects


Jarrod Mayo promised the New England Patriots would “Burn some cash” In his first offseason as the team’s head coach. He and the Patriots may also burn some bridges at quarterback, the top 2024 draft prospect focused on the position after Mayo’s offensive coordinator interviews, Per NFL MediaLeaving 2021 first-rounder Mack Jones as a potential trade candidate.

“The Patriots sit at No. 3 [overall], and all indications are that they will seriously consider taking a quarterback there,” Tom Pelissero reported Sunday. “In fact, one of the big questions when they were interviewing offensive coordinator candidates was, ‘What’s your assessment of that top quarterback? ‘ They hire Alex Van Pelt, who will play a key role in developing whoever that young quarterback can be.”

One thing seems certain: It won’t be Jones, who went 15th overall in 2021. Despite earning a Pro Bowl nod as a rookie starter, Jones returned in 2022–2023 amid injuries and demotion, and Mayo immediately signaled Bill Belichick’s replacement. The locker room was divided over where Jones was atop the QB depth chart this offseason as a head coach.

If New England doesn’t find a deal for Jones on the trade market, the Patriots could also completely cut the Alabama product without negatively impacting their 2024 salary cap. As for potential early-round draft targets, USC’s Caleb Williams, North Carolina’s Drake Maye and LSU’s Jaden Daniels all profile as potential Day 1 possibilities for New England.

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