3 Examples Why Current WWE Camera Crew Are Much Better Than The Vince McMahon Era

It’s been over a year since Triple H took over the creative leadership of WWE, and it’s been a revolutionary change in the company. The Game has done a spectacular job of taking the company to a better side, and his work has received much appreciation from professional wrestling enthusiasts around the world.

In addition to the quality of storylines and character handling, the WWE production team also played an important role in improving the overall product, including the camera crew. Between the way things have been handled in the Stamford-based promotion in recent times, many are questioning whether the current camera crew in the company is better than the Vince McMahon era, so here are three examples that prove it is the case .

3. WWE production started a lot of hard work for entrances

The thing that has caught a lot of attention from the fans in this new era under Paul Levesque is the entrances, especially because of the creativity in them. WWE production started working hard for entrances, and it was clearly visible in the last few months because the company was able to produce some of the best entrances ever, a prime example of which is Sami Zayn’s entrance at WrestleMania 40. and also the one in Montreal.

Sami Zayn's iconic Montreal entrance
Sami Zayn’s iconic Montreal entrance (Credits- X)

Not just the segment in his hometown, but the company used multiple such locations for Zayn, and all of them were exceptional. Additionally, superstars like Jey Uso and Becky Lynch have also been part of very memorable entrances that were a level above all of their past entrances. One of the biggest positives that the audience saw in these segments was WWE’s no-cuts policy.

In the Vince McMahon era, the company used to have a lot of cuts, even in segments that didn’t necessarily call for them, but the camera crew improved on this issue. In fact, minute-long backstage segments were organized before entrances by the company, and are a great example of why the current WWE production and camera crew changes from the Stamford-based promotion are exceptional, to say the least.

2. Using drones to catch Logan Paul’s top rope dive

Another example of why the current camera crew is much better than the previous era is the use of drones to capture Logan Paul’s top rope dive at the recently held King and Queen of the Ring PLE. During the special event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Maverick challenged Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship, and then this incredible place happened.

This exact moment happened when Logan jumped off the top rope to hit a Frogsplash on Cody Rhodes through the announce table, and the Stamford-based promotion used a camera shot from a drone to capture it. Since the company decided to have a special arrangement to get a special shot during that match, it clearly shows how invested the current crew is in giving the best possible product to the WWE Universe.

1. WWE started using high resolution cameras for better output

While the above two examples are of particular aspects of WWE’s product that saw creative changes to improve the overall quality, they probably wouldn’t have had as much of an impact if the cameras weren’t on the brand. As WWE began using high-resolution cameras, this change resulted in better production for the wrestling audience.

As witnessed by the fans at the recent King and Queen PLE in Jeddah, 8K cameras were used by the promotion led by Triple H, and the difference in resolution of the product was clearly visible. All in all, these things show how the current team is better than the Vince McMahon era. Also, if WWE continues to make such revolutionary changes in their working methods, it will definitely help them attract a lot more people to their programming.

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