3 Holy Sh*t Moments From A Man’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match That Made It An Instant Classic

WWE’s next stop on the PLE roster was the Money in the Bank event live from Toronto, Canada. The crowd was thrilled to see each match unfold and were as loud as they could be. Money in the Bank featured a stacked card with five matches in store that included two title matches and two Money in the Bank ladder matches. The show opened with the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match setting the tone for the show.

Drew McIntyre won the Ladder match
Drew McIntyre won the Ladder match (Credit-X)

Over the years, Money in the Bank matches have been brutal and athletic full of shocking moments. The same thing happened this year as the match had several exciting moments with the likes of Drew McIntyre, Chad Gable, Andrade, Carmelo Hayes, Jey Uso and LA Knight, Amazingly, Drew won the Money in the Bank briefcase which came as a shock to many Join us as we look at some of the most exciting moments from the match.

#3. Andrade and Carmelo Hayes put their bodies on the line with brutal ladder spots

During the match, Carmelo Hayes and Andrade stole the show as both superstars had some nice exchanges inside the ring involving perfect use of the ladders. Shortly after the start, Andrade made his intentions clear after executing a reverse Spanish fly on the ladder. Props had to go to Hayes for selling the move and absorbing the damage so early in the match.

Another brutal point involving the two came near the end when Hayes had taken the contract by knocking out Andrade on top of the ladder. Fans were in awe right when LA Knight pushed Andrade off the top of the ladder only to execute a Sunset Flip on the former NXT Champion Hayes.

Fans couldn’t believe the damage done to Hayes and chanted “Holy Yeast” shortly after the stain. Despite not winning the match, Andrade has to be on everyone’s list for such an exciting performance in the ladder match.

#2. Chad Gable was fingertips away from winning the Briefcase hanging in the middle of the ring

Identical to AJ Styles’ failed attempt to win the Briefcase in 2017, Chad Gable found himself hanging with the Money in the Bank Briefcase. In an attempt to win the briefcase, Gable quickly found his way to the top but was left hanging with the briefcase after Jey Uso switched the ladder.

Gable’s moment just happened for a few seconds before losing his balance and falling off the Briefcase only to be hit by a spear from Jey Uso. Gable tried to dominate the match with consecutive German Suplexes to everyone in the ring. However, he came up short and lost the match despite being highly involved in most of the match.

#1. Jey Uso and LA Knight joined forces to eliminate Drew McIntyre

Two of the most talked about superstars going into the ladder match were LA Knight and Main Event Jey Uso. Both the superstars teased a showdown before the match and during the match sending the crowd into cheers. However, the Canadian crowd also witnessed something they might not have expected to see.

In an attempt to stop the brutal Scottish Warrior from winning the match, Jey and Knight formed a tag team to take down McIntyre. Knight took McIntyre down with a BFT which was followed by a Uso Splash from Jey receiving cheers from the crowd. With a match full of exciting moments, Men’s Money in the Bank delivered up to the hype with exciting moments and spots.

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