3 Unique Ways WWE Can Tip CM Punk Into Drew McIntyre & Damian Priest’s New Rivalry

Since Royal Rumble 2024, CM Punk vs. Drew McIntyre has probably been the most interesting feud in WWE. Although The Best In the World has been out of action due to his injury since January, he and Drew gave fans some of the most memorable moments in recent memory, thanks to their brilliant verbal wars on Monday Night RAW episodes.

Despite being the hottest feud in the promotion, WWE seems to have taken a backseat in this storyline, as McIntyre is now embroiled in a fresh feud with Damian Priest. The Scottish Warrior will even challenge the World Heavyweight Champion soon. While this decision has led to speculation among some that Drew’s feud with CM is over, here are 3 unique ways the company can fit him into McIntyre’s newfound rivalry with Priest.

3. CM Punk might cost Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle

It’s true that the Chicago-born star hasn’t been seen on WWE television lately due to his injury, but it looks like he might be back very soon. The company is set to head to Scotland with its next PLE on June 15, as Drew is set to challenge Damian Priest, and CM Punk may return to the Stamford-based promotion at this event.

If it does indeed happen at the premium live event, it’s very possible that the in-ring veteran might cost Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle. This decision could be master of the creative team, because such a move could take their rivalry to an even higher level. Since Punk previously cost Drew his title at WrestleMania 40, doing it again in Scotland might be just the thing this feud needs to make things even more personal.

2. CM Punk could be the number one challenger for Drew McIntyre’s title reign

If CM Punk doesn’t make his presence felt at Clash at the Castle, there may be a different plan for this rivalry. As Punk’s absence could mean that McIntyre finally gets his moment of stardom in front of his home country, The Best In the World might face him after Drew’s rumored win over Damian Priest and declare himself as the number one contender for Drew McIntyre’s title reign.

But if WWE doesn’t want to ruin The Scottish Warrior’s celebrations, the confrontation can take place at a later stage, and thus lead to a possible World Heavyweight Championship match between these two superstars, most likely at SummerSlam 2024. Having the title involved could be a great addition to this feud as it will take the stakes of their rivalry even higher.

1. CM Punk could win MITB 2024 to cash in on Drew McIntyre

If WWE doesn’t think of any of the above two ways, another great way to have Punk’s involvement with Drew despite his feud with Damian is for CM Punk to win the MITB 2024 contract. If The Straight Edge Superstar is fully fit due to his injury before the event , he could be a great addition to the match, and he will definitely be one of the favorites to win if he enters the high-profile match.

CM Punk could be in plans to win MITB 2024
CM Punk could be in plans to win MITB 2024 (Credits- PWMania and X)

CM would be a great pick to win as well, as it could set him up to cash in on Drew McIntyre’s World Championship. This option could also set up a match between these two if Punk makes his intentions clear, rather than using the advantage of getting a surprise shot at the prestigious title. With all of these theories almost possible given the current stage of their feud, it remains to be seen what the future actually holds for this story.

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