4 TNA Stars Who Spoke Out Against Vince McMahon

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, aka Vince McMahon, is a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. Not to mention, he is the founder of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, WWE. However, he is no longer a part of WWE since he resigned from the company in January 2024 following the Janel Grant sex trafficking allegations.

Meanwhile, the name Vince McMahon is often mentioned in the world of professional wrestling. In fact, one thing he is known for is his hatred of TNA. Earlier, McMahon appeared for an interview with The Acron Online. During that, he talked about TNA.

He said, “We are in different businesses. We’re in the entertainment business and they’re in the “professional wrasslin'” business. When they moved to Monday nights, they threw us the kitchen sink and only made a fraction of our audience. It does not speak well of the type of product they are trying to present with the wet, blood-soaked action. I don’t think that’s what the culture wants today.

Besides that, in another interview, Vince was asked about TNA being a competitor to WWE. He then stated that his concern with TNA is not in terms of competition. He mentioned that his concern was that TNA was TV-14 and they were PG.

Vince added that, in his opinion, some of the things that TNA presented on television were “reprehensible.” Thus, Vince McMahon’s comments about TNA showed his hatred for the promotion.

Vince McMahon’s hatred of TNA was known to many. With that, several TNA wrestlers opened up about their interactions with the former WWE Kingpin. They also revealed disturbing details about the founder of the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Here’s what they said.

Samoa Joe is currently part of AEW. However, he previously became part of TNA in 2005 and went on to have a 10-year stint with the promotion. During this time, he made a huge name for himself in the world of professional wrestling. With that, he later joined WWE in 2015.

Meanwhile, Samoa Joe previously revealed that, despite his well-known tenure with TNA, Vince McMahon did not know him and opposed him being in WWE. He said, “Vince was vehemently against me being in WWE. He didn’t know me, didn’t know me.”

On top of that, Samoa Joe’s WWE run has also been lackluster. During his main roster run, he only bagged the United States Championship twice. One can thus understand that Vince may not have given Joe the opportunity he deserved.

Sting is a well-known name in the world of professional wrestling. However, he took his retirement from the squared circle. Whatever, he is popular among fans for his time in WCW and TNA. In TNA, he performed from 2006 to 2014 and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times. He was also part of the WWF/WWE, NWA, AEW, and more.

Meanwhile, Sting previously appeared for a conversation on the “Apter Chat” podcast. During this, he opened up about the conversation he had with Vince regarding his decision to become a part of TNA Wrestling. He said, “So I blocked my end from going to TNA and I’ll never forget that conversation with Vince.”

Sting and Vince McMahon
Sting and Vince McMahon (Credits: X and Marca)

Sting added, “He’s on the phone with me and he’s like, ‘You know, Sting,’ he said, ‘I find that hard to believe, the legacy you’re leaving behind and the thought of you going to TNA is just blah.’ That’s exactly what he said. ‘Blah’.” From now on, The dislike of Vince towards TNA can be understood by the way he reacted to the project of Sting in the promotion.

Mick Foley is a retired professional wrestler. However, he is known among fans for his work with WWF/WWE, WCW, ECW, and more. Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that Foley was also a part of TNA.

During his time in TNA, Foley won the TNA Legends Championship once and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once. With that, Foley earlier opened up on how Vince McMahon reacted after knowing he was set to become a part of TNA.

Appearing on the “Foley Is Pod” podcast, Mick said that Barry Bloom had previously told him that word had gotten out and Vince found out he was going to TNA. With that, Foley said he called Vince with tears in his eyes.

Mick Foley and Vince McMahon
Mick Foley and Vince McMahon (Credits: Facts.net and X)

He then added, “I said, ‘Vince, I just want you to know that you’re one of the most important men… most important people in my entire life’ and I’ve always told him that I consider him like presidents.

Foley revealed that McMahon told him he appreciated what Mick said and then didn’t speak to him for another year and a half. It can thus be understood that Vince was offended by Mick’s decision to leave WWE to join TNA.

Not too long ago, Gail Kim appeared on the “Story Time” podcast. During this, she opened up about being blocked from seeing Vince McMahon. She said she remembers one time she was blocked by one of the writers trying to meet Vince McMahon.

Kim said the writer told her “No, he’s busy. You can’t be here, you can’t do that.” She then mentioned that she never tried again after that. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that Gail Kim is currently part of TNA wrestling.

Also, she is a notable figure in TNA’s knockout division. In TNA, she won the TNA/Impact Knockouts Championship 7 times and was also the inaugural TNA/Impact Knockouts Champion.

That could very well be the case that Kim was blocked from meeting McMahon because she was an important part of TNA. Thus, from what several TNA stars have stated, it can be very well understood that Vince had a strong dislike for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Meanwhile, Vince is no longer in control, and it remains to be seen what lies ahead for WWE and TNA in the coming days.

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