5 best Channing Tatum movies: From lovable stripper to messy adventurer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As the release of “Fly Me to the Moon” approaches, anticipation is building for Channing Tatum’s role in this upcoming American romantic comedy-drama directed by Greg Berlanti.

The film, written by Rose Gilroy, stars Scarlett Johansson, Jim Rash, Anna Garcia, Donald Elise Watkins, Noah Robbins, Colin Woodell, Christian Zuber, Nick Dillenburg, Ray Romano, and Woody Harrelson.

Set against the 1960s Space Race, it explores the dynamic between a NASA director and a marketing specialist.

The film is scheduled for theatrical release in the US and Canada by Columbia Pictures via Sony Pictures Releasing on Friday, July 12, 2024. Streaming on Apple TV+ will follow the theatrical release.

The film promises to deliver a nostalgic and candid portrayal of love in the midst of an era of historical significance.

Here are five Channing Tatum movies all available on one “Prime Video” platform to watch before “Fly Me to the Moon” opens in theaters.

DOG (2022)

Photocom of the film
Photocom of the movie “DOG” (@primevideo)

In the film “DOG” (2022) Channing Tatum made a touching return to leading roles and made his co-director debut with Reid Carolin.

Portraying Briggs, a former Army ranger struggling with PTSD and a brain injury, Tatum delivers a compelling performance layered with humor and deep emotional resonance.

When tasked with escorting his late friend’s dog to Arizona for the funeral, Briggs embarks on a transformative road trip that becomes a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Tatum’s direction shows a deft touch, capturing both the humor and heartache of Briggs’ odyssey.

Despite his outstanding portrayal, the real scene-stealer of the film is undoubtedly the canine co-star, whose presence adds a unique charm and emotional depth to the story.

“DOG” not only marks Tatum’s evolution as a filmmaker but also reaffirms his ability to command the screen with authenticity and empathy in a role that resonates long after the credits roll.

Magic Mike (2012)

A still from the film
Still photo from the movie “Magic Mike” (@primevideo)

In 2012, Channing Tatum turned his personal experiences into cinematic gold with “Magic Mike”, a film directed, edited and filmed by Steven Soderbergh.

Drawing from Tatum’s past as a male stripper in Tampa, the film offers a candid portrayal of a group of ambitious male dancers working under the charismatic club owner, Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).

Soderbergh’s deft direction captured not only the spectacle of male nudity but also the bonds and dynamics within this unconventional brotherhood.

The film won critical acclaim for its authenticity and insight into an often sensationalized profession, grossing over $167 million worldwide on a modest $7 million budget.

Tatum’s decision to embrace and celebrate his past through “Magic Mike” not only proved profitable but also solidified his reputation as a versatile actor unafraid to explore complex characters and stories.

The Lost City (2022)

Photocom of the film
Photocom of the movie “The Lost City” (@primevideo)

In 2022, Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock showed remarkable chemistry in “The Lost City”, a romantic adventure directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee.

Bullock stars as Loretta Sage, a celebrated novelist kidnapped by Daniel Radcliffe’s eccentric billionaire, Abigail Fairfax, who believes she holds the key to a hidden jungle treasure.

Tatum plays Alan, Loretta’s muscular cover model, determined to prove his mettle by orchestrating a daring rescue with the help of a mercenary portrayed by Brad Pitt, resulting in humorous and near-catastrophic consequences.

Tatum and Bullock’s vibrant on-screen relationship translates effortlessly to the audience, enhancing the film with an infectious energy.

The Lost City not only delivers exciting escapades but also showcases the dynamic performances of Tatum and Bullock, cementing their place as a standout in their film careers.

Hail, Caesar! (2016)

Photo from the movie 'Hail, Caesar!'  (@primevideo)
Photo from the movie ‘Hail, Caesar!’ (@primevideo)

In the 2016 Hollywood comedy ‘Hail, Caesar!’ from the Coen Brothers, Channing Tatum stands out as Burt Gurney, a charismatic song-and-dance man reminiscent of golden age stars like Gene Kelly.

Set in the glory days of cinema, the film showcases Tatum’s versatility and talent, particularly in a memorable tap dance number involving sailors in a bar.

Tatum’s performances show his ability in navigating nuanced and sometimes homoerotic themes on screen, as seen in his roles in the “Magic Mike” series.

In ‘Hail, Caesar!’, Tatum not only celebrates the nostalgic charm of old Hollywood but also shows his ability to mix traditional male roles with a modern, inclusive approach to storytelling.

His portrayal in the film solidifies his reputation as a fearless actor willing to embrace diverse and challenging roles throughout his career.

Logan Lucky (2017)

A still from the film
Still photo from the movie “Logan Lucky” (@primevideo)

In Steven Soderbergh’s 2017 comeback film “Logan Lucky,” Channing Tatum shines as Jimmy Logan, a blue-collar worker facing financial problems and family challenges.

Joined by his one-armed brother Clyde (Adam Driver) and the eccentric safecracker Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), Jimmy hatches a daring plan to rob a NASCAR stadium amid personal turmoil.

Soderbergh’s return to directing captures the essence of a classic caper, mixing humor with heart as the unlikely crew navigate a heist filled with absurdity and unexpected twists.

Tatum’s portrayal underscores his versatility, delivering a performance that resonates with both wit and warmth, setting the stage for a thrilling ride that is as daring as it is entertaining.

“Logan Lucky” showcases Tatum’s skill in a role that mixes comedy, drama, and the sheer joy of pulling off the impossible in style.

How to stream ‘Fly Me to the Moon’?

“Fly Me to the Moon” debuts in theaters on Friday, July 12, followed by streaming on Apple TV+ at a later date.

“Fly Me To The Moon” Trailer.

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