5 wholesome rom-coms you need to watch on Hallmark before the release of “Two Scoops of Italy.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Prepare to be whisked away into the purple world of romance as Hallmark’s latest release, “Two Scoops of Italy,” takes you on a journey of love and passion.

Set in picturesque Italy, the film chronicles the love story of an American chef who travels to a charming village in search of inspiration.

As time passes, the chef falls in love with the flavors, culture and gelato of Italy. And of course, love becomes irresistible when her mentor turns out to be an Italian gentleman.

So, as you prepare to enjoy the wonderful romance of ‘Two Scoops of Italy,’ why not get into the rom-com mood with some of Hallmark’s hot romances?

Here are five must-see rom-coms to watch before diving into the charming romance of “Two Scoops of Italy.”

A Royal Christmas (2014)

Lacey Chabert and Stephen Hagan in a photo shoot by
Lacey Chabert and Stephen Hagan in a still from “A Royal Christmas” (@hallmark)

If you’re looking for something with a traditional fairy tale narrative, lovable characters and a little seasonal magic, “A Royal Christmas” should be on your watch list.

The film follows Emily (Lacey Chabert), a talented seamstress from Philadelphia, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love with the charming Leo (Stephen Hagan).

What she doesn’t know is that Leo is actually Prince Leopold, the heir to the throne of a fictional European state.

The film follows the famous “Cinderella” trope where an average woman falls in love with royalty, creating a familiar and welcoming place for the audience.

Just My Type (2020)

Bethany Joy Lenz and Brett Dalton in a photo shoot by
Bethany Joy Lenz and Brett Dalton in a “Just My Type” photoshoot (@hallmark)

‘Just My Type’ is a beautiful rom-com that offers a great escape into a world where love and self-discovery rule over obstacles.

The film follows Vanessa Sills (Bethany Joy Lenz), a young and aspiring pop culture journalist who dreams of becoming a published novelist.

Vanessa seizes the opportunity when her editor assigns her to interview famous mystery writer Martin Clayborne (Brett Dalton), seeing it as a stepping stone towards her writing aspirations. As the film proceeds, Vanessa falls in love and considers her life choices.

On the 12th of Christmas (2020)

Tyler Hynes and Mallory Jansen in a photo shoot by
Tyler Hynes and Mallory Jansen in a still from “On the 12th Date of Christmas” (@hallmark)

The 2020 film is a heartwarming and inspiring holiday film that mixes the magic of Christmas with a touching love story.

The film tells the story of Jennifer Holloway (Mallory Jansen), a creative and ambitious game designer, and Aiden Walsh (Tyler Hynes), a talented but reserved game designer at the same company.

Both are passionate about their jobs, but they approach creation and teamwork in different ways.

When their company announces a competition to create a Christmas-themed treasure game, Jennifer and Aiden are unexpectedly teamed together.

They must put aside their differences and work together to create a fun and festive treasure hunt that captures the spirit of the Christmas season with its joyful atmosphere.

A Crown for Christmas (2015)

Danica McKellar and Pavel Douglas in a photo shoot by
Danica McKellar and Pavel Douglas in a “Crown for Christmas” photo shoot (@hallmark)

If you’re looking to be transported to delightful and uplifting realms of royalty, “A Crown for Christmas” should be at the top of your immediate watch list.

The film follows Allie (Danica McKellar), a struggling artist and former maid from New York.

After being fired from her job at a luxury hotel, Allie accepts temporary employment as a governess for a young girl named Princess Theodora (Ellie Botterill) in a European castle.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love with King Max (Rupert Penry-Jones). The film’s European castle and royal setting creates a fairytale atmosphere that is both captivating and visually stunning.

Summer Villa (2016)

Victor Webster and Hilarie Burton Morgan in a photograph by
Victor Webster and Hilarie Burton Morgan in a “Summer Village” photoshoot (@hallmark)

If you’re looking for an unforgettable escape, “Summer Village” is a beautiful and inspiring film that mixes the allure of a summer retreat with a heartwarming love story.

The film follows Terry Russell (Hilarie Burton Morgan), a writer struggling with writer’s block, who decides to take a vacation and spend the summer in a charming villa in the French countryside.

Terry is surprised to learn that a famous chef named Matthew Everston (Victor Webster) has double booked the property.

The two argue because of their different personalities and the challenge of sharing the space. However, as the summer progresses, Terry and Mateo find common ground and eventually fall in love.

How to stream ‘Two Scoops of Italy’?

Photocom by “Two Scoops of Italy” (@hallmark)

‘Two Scoops of Italy’ will be available to watch on the Hallmark Channel starting Saturday, June 22, 2024. The best thing to do if you don’t have cable is to use a live TV streaming service.

Hallmark Movies Now is a subscription-based streaming service that offers ad-free, inspirational movies and shows from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Mystery and other Hallmark networks.

After a free seven-day trial, the service costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Philo lets you watch your favorite Hallmark Channel movies and series online for just $28 a month.

“Two Scoops of Italy” trailer.

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