A reproduced image of LeBron James’ feet leaves the NBA world in disgust

A picture of LeBron James’ feet recently went viral on social media and immediately caught the attention of the basketball community. As most fans should know, King James is a 4x NBA champion and currently plays 21 years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Because of his impact on the game of basketball, LeBron can be considered a celebrity and global personality, so any and all information related to him is consumed by his fans and critics alike. The picture of the Lakers star’s feet is no exception to this rule.

LeBron James’ feet
(Credit: X)

As one can tell from the images, LeBron’s legs don’t look normal, to say the least. That said, fans may want to learn more about what causes this “condition” and how others felt when they took a look at these photos.

King James’ feet have been taking a physical toll for more than two decades

Basketball is a sport where players put incredible pressure on their lower extremities. After all, wearing tight-fitting shoes while running and constantly changing directions can’t be very good for blood circulation in the feet. Not to mention stepping on one’s toes or rolling one’s ankle on a constant basis.

King James has now been in the league for 21 seasons and is still considered by many to be one of the most explosive athletes and an unstoppable force when it comes to running to the rim to score. Although he’s considered to be on the backend of his career, LeBron continues to put a lot of physical toll on his legs, and the process likely started as far back as his middle school and high school days.

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So, it is not really surprising to observe the current condition of his legs. While more knowledgeable fans may already know what was just mentioned, others simply felt disgusted after taking a quick look at the pictures that went viral.

Fans show disdain for LeBron James’ feet

Some fans couldn’t contain their emotions after seeing the picture and didn’t hesitate to make their feelings clear on X. Others also claimed that King James’ teammates could be considered victims because they were the only ones to see his legs. Up close and personal in the Lakers’ locker room.

Although LeBron’s feet may not look perfect compared to a model or a celebrity, it’s important for fans to remember that his feet have made more of an impact than their minds imagine. So, at this stage of his career he doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, which is to be expected after considering all these factors.

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