A Sneak Peek Into Heel Cody Rhodes, When The American Nightmare Turned Against Kenny Omega

Cody Rhodes is probably the top superstar in WWE right now. The way he naturally got on with the fans is indeed commendable. Rhodes is a favorite babyface, and fans thoroughly enjoyed his run with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

However, now it seems that fans want to see Cody Rhodes turn heel as we move forward. In that regard, it’s worth mentioning that Rhodes has previously shown heel turns in various wrestling promotions. During his time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling/Impact Wrestling, Cody appeared and called out Moose.

He then thanked Moose for helping his wife, Brandi Rhodes. But Rhodes later attacked Elk, thus turning heel. On the other hand, during Cody’s time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, he turned on Kenny Omega. Recently, a video of the heel turn went viral, which shows Omega trying to leave the ring when Rhodes attacked him from behind.

He then nailed Kenny with a Cross Rhodes, which the latter sold extremely well. Afterwards, Rhodes was seen giving a wicked smile. That way, fans who are wondering what The American Nightmare’s heel turn would be like can get a preview of their heel turn from the video.

Fans are eager to see Cody Rhodes turn heel

WWE fans have always shown their love and support for Cody Rhodes. As of now, it seems they’re eager to see The American Nightmare channel his heel personality. Recently, several fans took to their “X” handles to share their thoughts on the matter. One fan wrote, “That heel cody run will feed generations”.

Different fans reacted differently to Rhodes’ potential heel turn. Some of the fans predicted that Cody’s heel turn might be coming soon. One fan wrote, “Heel Cody coming soon”. On the other hand, some of the fans expressed their desire to see a match between heel Cody and babyface Roman Reigns.

Fans are eager to see Cody Rhodes turn heel
Fans want to see Cody Rhodes turn heel (Credits: X)

Thus, it looks like fans can’t wait to see Cody make his heel turn. It would be fascinating to see if Rhodes can channel his inner American Nightmare in the coming days.

Cody Rhodes shares his thoughts on turning heel

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Cody Rhodes, recently appeared for an interview on ‘The Pivot’. During that, he shared his thoughts on turning heel. Cody said, “It’s a beauty if you can commit to being a bad guy. It is a unique space creatively. You have to be really vulnerable and open, and you have to be bloodthirsty in the way you are on the mic.”

Rhodes added that there is a growing section of fans who want to witness his heel turn, and he understands it. However, The American Nightmare mentioned that he doesn’t know if the fans are aware of what they are asking for. He said, “If you really want it, it’s scorched earth.”

Thus, it seems that Cody neither rejected nor accepted the idea of ​​his heel turn. But he stated that the fans may not be aware of what they are asking for. With that, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for The American Nightmare, within the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Also, it would be really interesting to see if the wishes of the fans will ever come true in the years.

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