After losing Joe Thuney, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce take another big hit ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney is not expected to make an appearance in Super Bowl 58 on Sunday. It was again a decisive loss that the entire team had to face. He was inconsistent this season due to his multiple injuries. However last season he made it big in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

His last game in which he was officiated was against the New England Patriots. In that game, he also marked his second interception for the season. Tony made news a few days ago when he declared himself perfectly fit and injury-free. Tony reportedly has serious hip and ankle injuries, which will keep him out of Super Bowl 58.

The Chiefs have suffered multiple losses before the Super Bowl that will affect their roster heavily against the San Francisco 49ers. Mentioned below are some of the major reactions that major players had to go through due to multiple injuries to their star players.

Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney’s NFL stats

Kadarius Toney started his NFL career in 2021 with the New York Giants. His four-year contract was worth $13.7 million. In his final season with the Giants, he became the player with the second-most receiving yards. He was traded to the Chiefs in 2022, where he scored his first career touchdown.

Kadarius Toney’s NFL Journey (Credit: New York Daily News)

Kadarius Toney’s game-changing touchdown helped the Chiefs to a 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2023 he had 169 reception yards and 27 receptions. He also scored another touchdown this year with the Chiefs.

In 2023, Kadarius Tony played in thirteen games and started two of them. His injury had a huge impact on his game.

Major changes have been made to the Chiefs’ roster ahead of Super Bowl 58

The Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers without their big offensive threat, Joe Thuney, as he has been ruled out with a serious injury. Joe Thuney has been officially dropped from the team. This was a major blow to the Chiefs’ tackle strategy. With Joey out, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are in a very precarious position.

Joe and Prince Tega left the roster due to their injuries
Joe and Prince Tega left the roster due to their injuries (Credit: Auburn Wire)

Joe Thuney suffered a pectoral injury that could weaken the Chiefs against the 49ers. Not only Joe Thuney but several others have been dropped from the team. Prince Tega Vanogo also has a quadricep injury. But the Chiefs’ running back is down with a groin injury. With Super Bowls knocking on the door, the Chiefs will have to handle this very carefully.

Injuries will certainly hinder the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58 but we should not ignore the fact that the powerful duo of Mahomes and Kelce can work wonders. Let’s see how the Chiefs will deal with the loss of some of their most crucial players.

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