‘AGT: Fantasy League’: Adrian Stoica Improves Semifinal Prospects After Showing ‘Good Example’ in Dog Act

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: “AGT: Fantasy League” stars Adrian Stoica and Hurricane left viewers and AGT judges in awe with their mesmerizing performance on Skyway. Each judge had nothing but positive remarks, reinforcing the duo’s strong chances of reaching the semi-finals.

Mel B, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell were so impressed that they couldn’t help but give Adrian and Hurricane a standing ovation. This unanimous display of admiration not only solidified their place in the semi-finals, but also showcased the undeniable impact their act had on the spin-off series.

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In the entertaining episode of FL02, Adrian and Hurricane dazzled the audience with a mix of dog tricks. Hurricane showed off his skills by stopping Adrian from indulging in fatty foods, playfully pushing him on a scale, and even lending him a paw to support him while Adrian did sit-ups.

All of this took place to the catchy beats of DNCE’s “Cake By the Ocean.” The performance not only showcased Hurricane’s impressive skills, but also added a delightful and humorous touch to their dynamic act, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.

Mel B was so impressed with Adrian and Hurricane’s act that she enthusiastically declared it a “great example of what AGT Fantasy League is all about.”

Is “AGT: Fantasy League” Star Adrian Stoica Married?

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Adrian Stoica, originally from Italy, stands out not only as a dog trainer, but also as a six-time Disc Dog World Champion.

Despite his remarkable success, he maintains a private personal life, keeping details of his marital status secret.

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Stoica’s main focus revolves around her illustrious career and her inseparable companion, Hurricane. Devoting his life to the complex art of dog training, Adrian’s passion for dogs and Frisbee tricks has earned him worldwide fame.

Over the course of about eight years, Adrian and his canine partner Hurricane have become a dynamic duo in the world of canine performance. Their mesmerizing routines, marked by a deep connection and impeccable skills, have won over audiences around the world.

For Adrian Stoica, it is not just a career but a canine artistic journey shared with his faithful friend Hurricane.

Adrian Stoica is not married (Instagram/adrianstoica.dogcoach)
Adrian Stoica is not married (Instagram/adrianstoica.dogcoach)

‘AGT: Fantasy League’ Stars Adrian Stoica and Hurricane Are Winners of ‘AGT’ Season 18

After winning season 18, Adrian Stoica and Hurricane became the champions, winning the coveted $1,000,000 prize and the opportunity to headline a show in Las Vegas.

Their journey reached a crescendo in the finale of Episode 1821, where they added a touch of canine charm to celebrity chef Cat Cora’s pasta preparation, despite the fact that the hurricane playfully disrupted the culinary process .

Despite the chaos in the kitchen, the duo managed to win over the audience, receiving enough votes to secure a place in the top 5, beating out competitor Ahren Belisle.

The suspense reached a fever pitch when, in an exciting moment, Adrian and Hurricane were declared the winners of season 18. They triumphed over formidable artists like Anna DeGuzman, Murmuration, Putri Ariani and Ramadhani Brothers.

In addition to the $1,000,000 grand prize, they also won a new Kia car and first place at the prestigious AGT Live show in Las Vegas.

Adrian Stoica is not married (Instagram/adrianstoica.dogcoach)
Adrian Stoica and Hurricane are the winners of AGT Season 18 (Instagram/adrianstoica.dogcoach)

How did “AGT: Fantasy League” star Adrian Stoica coach Hurricane?

Adrian Stoica achieved the incredible feat of coaching Hurricane at the highest level thanks to a winning formula: patience, positive reinforcement and a lot of fun, according to NBC.

With unwavering patience, he guided Hurricane through each step of the training process, allowing the duo to establish a strong connection. Positive reinforcement became the cornerstone of their training sessions, as Adrian showered Hurricane with praise, treats and encouragement for every trick and successful behavior.

In this way, Adrian and Hurricane made history as the first canine act to grace the main series finale since Sara and Hero in season 12. Going further, they clinched victory, becoming the first canine act to do so since. Olate Dogs triumphed in season 7.

Hurricane was trained by Adrian with patience (Instagram/adrianstoica.dogcoach)
Hurricane was trained by Adrian with patience (Instagram/adrianstoica.dogcoach)

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