‘AGT: Fantasy League’ Fans Disappointed After Anna DeGuzman Has Golden Buzzer ‘Stole’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Anna DeGuzman made a dazzling entrance onto the “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” stage.

Not only did the talented magician manage to capture the audience’s attention with her magic, but she also kept them spellbound.

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DeGuzman made sure that Mel B and Terry Crews, who is the host of the show, were part of his magic act that revolved around credit cards.

After his act, DeGuzman received a standing ovation from judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum.

The crews simply told him, “You’re amazing.”

Howie asked Mel about DeGuzman’s act since she was there when DeGuzman was playing.

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Mel B said, “Oh my God, you’re awesome and the tequilas got to me a little bit but you’re awesome.”

Simon added: “Well look she’s so good she really won the whole show and you did it in your own cool and unique way. We had some amazing magic tonight but I sincerely hope the public will support you and I qualified you for the next round because you deserve it.”

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However, Anna did not receive the Golden Buzzer and fans shared their disappointment over the same.

One social media user wrote: “STOLEN FROM GOLDEN BUZZER😢”.

Another user added: “The act was amazing and yet Simon gave his golden buzzer to a choir. LOL.”

One user echoed the same sentiment and wrote, “I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.” »

One comment read: “I have faith. She will pull through.”

Anna DeGuzman's magical number amazed judges and viewers (YouTube/@agt)
Anna DeGuzman’s magical number amazed judges and viewers (YouTube/@agt)

Who won ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ judge Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer?

Sainted Trap Choir earned an automatic spot in the final after Simon Cowell pushed the Golden Buzzer following the Charlotte group’s performance of “Purple Rain.”

Before that, the popular group reached the semi-finals of season 18 of “America’s Got Talent.”

In 2023, the team may have lost the limelight but they have surely won the hearts of viewers.

For the unfamiliar, the Sainted Trap Choir group was founded in 2020 and has over 25 members.

Simon Cowell pulls the strings so that
Simon Cowell pulls the strings to get “Purple Rain” removed from the Prince Estate so the Sainted Trap Choir can perform (Instagram/@simoncowell/prince/NBC/Trae Patton)

Will Anna DeGuzman win “AGT: Fantasy League”?

Like all acts, Anna DeGuzman also has a chance to win “AGT: Fantasy League”.

Her magic captivated the judges as well as the studio audience. If she continues to take her magic to the next level with each turn, then she could become the winner of the spinoff show.

The winner of the show will take home a coveted grand prize of $250,000.

Anna DeGuzman Can Win “AGT: Fantasy League” (YouTube/@agt)
Anna DeGuzman has a good chance of winning ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ if she continues to take her magic to the next level (YouTube/@agt)

Anna DeGuzman competed on season 18 of “America’s Got Talent”

Anna DeGuzman previously appeared on season 18 of NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent.”

The Philippines native finished her pageant run as a finalist. Dog group Adrian Stoica and Hurricane won season 18 of “America’s Got Talent.”

Before that, she participated in the tenth season of “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2022, where she was kicked out of the show during the selection process.

Additionally, she had roles in the short films “Anna D” and “Break” in 2018, playing herself and June Barcelona, ​​respectively. She also appeared in an episode of Steve Harvey’s show “Steve” that same year.

In 2019, Anna competed in an episode of the sixth season of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, but failed to defeat the duo.

Anna DeGuzman participated in season 18 of
Anna DeGuzman competed on season 18 of “America’s Got Talent” (YouTube/@agt)

“America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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