‘AGT: Fantasy League’: Meet ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Alumnus Ichikawa Koikuchi, Booed From Team Howie

TOKYO, JAPAN: “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” returns with a bang, as Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum search for the next royal variety act. Although we don’t know much about the artists who will be on our screens in an hour’s time, Ichikawa Koikuchi will be back after ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ viewers slammed the ‘petist’ as he took to the stage for the semi-finals and failed to convince. judges last year.

Ichikawa’s performance in “BGT” included him blowing out candles, blowing a celebratory horn, and popping a balloon with his own farts. However, things did not go as planned for the artist in 2023 as he failed to impress the spectators and judges.

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Her performance consisted of trying to fart to a tune, but the judges pressed their buzzers in dismay. Fans on social media called it “unfair” since the singer replaced someone else who could have advanced to the semi-finals.

“BGT” found itself in a difficult position as Ichikawa Koikuchi revealed he auditioned for both the Asian and French versions of the franchise.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ was thrown into a row after it was discovered that Ichikawa had previously tried his luck with the show. Ichikawa, whose performance included blowing out candles, blaring a party horn and popping a balloon with his own farts, auditioned for the Asian edition of the program in 2019 and the French version in 2022.

Despite his worthy performance, the Japan native received three yeses from the judges and advanced to the next round. Coincidentally, he also competed in the first round of Asia and France’s Got Talent, but did not advance.

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While new judge Bruno Tonioli called the act “torture,” the other three panelists found the situation amusing. Head judge Simon even joined Ichikawa on stage for the final round, while Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden burst out laughing.

Ofcom received 66 official complaints regarding the broadcast of Ichikawa Koikuchi’s performance “BGT”

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This is not the first time the artist has been criticized for his performance. Broadcasting authority Ofcom informed The Sun that it had received 66 official complaints immediately after its hearing was broadcast.

After his performance was broadcast, viewers complained to Ofcom, saying his ridiculous performance had taken the show to a “new low”. Some even said that a performer like Ichikawa’s would have been sent home during auditions, let alone deliberations or semi-finals, in the past.

It continues: “Complaints related to a performance by self-proclaimed “fart” Ichikawa Koikuchi.

How many times has Ichikawa Koikuchi been buzzed in the “Got Talent” franchise?

In 2019, Ichikawa auditioned for the third season of “Asia’s Got Talent” and David Foster rocked his performance. Ichikawa auditioned for the seventeenth season of “France’s Got Talent” in 2022, and Sugar Sammy, Marianne James and Hélène Ségara all rocked his performance.

Ichikawa also auditioned for the ninth season of “Spain’s Got Talent”, where his performance was praised by Risto Mejide, as well as the tenth season of the Italian competition series “Tu Si Que Vales”.

Every Monday at 8 p.m. ET, NBC will air new episodes of “AGT: Fantasy League”

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