‘AGT: Fantasy League’ Mersey Girls Dance Group Star Julia Carlile Reveals Simon Cowell Pays for Her Surgery

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “Britain’s Got Talent” Season 11 champions Mersey Girls returned once again to “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” to captivate the audience and judges.

However, Julia Carlile had to undergo surgery for her scoliosis and in the latest episode of the ABC show, the contestant revealed that judge Simon Cowell paid for her surgery.

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Julia had undergone an operation that cost $22,3331, paid for by Simon in 2017. After the operation, she was able to dance again.

Meanwhile, viewers of the ABC show were impressed by Simon’s kindness and praised him.

One social media user tweeted: “I really love this dance! Simon gave this girl such a special gift! He has a huge heart. God bless you Simon, you really gave this girl a beautiful gift! “

Another person added: “Good guy Simon. »

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Another X user said: “Hey Simon. You are the BEST. Thanks for helping this girl get her back surgery.

Another Instagram user commented: “Great story, wow Simon, that was fantastic of you.”

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Another viewer noted: “What a moving story, thank you Simon for being an angel to this girl, the girls dance with grace, elegance and beauty.”

I really love this dance! Simon gave this girl such a special gift!💝 He has a huge heart ♥️ God bless you Simon, you really gave this girl a beautiful gift!😢

— Annette Wayne (@annette_wayne) January 9, 2024

a good guy Simon. #AGT

– AGTDistrict (@AgtDistrict) January 9, 2024

.@SimonCowell #AGT hi Simon. You are the best. Thanks for helping this girl get back surgery

— Rita Simmons (@RitaSim57060788) January 9, 2024

Mersey Girls depict Julia Carlile’s ‘moving’ story in their performance

Mersey Girls were part of Mel B’s Dream Team and the “AGT” judge suggested the dance group show Julia Carlile’s “emotional” story through their dancing.

The dance group performed a contemporary routine of catching someone if they fell. Julia’s surgical scars were visible on her back.

However, Julia and her other dance group mates became emotional after the performance.

Howie Mandel criticizes performance of six Mersey Girls

The Mersey Girls’ performance was indeed inspiring, but it apparently lacked the “IT factor” highlighted by Howie Mandel.

The “AGT: Fantasy League” judge was honest and noted that the performance moved him.

Howie further revealed that he didn’t know if the Mersey Girls dance was great.

Heidi Klum agreed with Howie and called the performance “snoozy”, but the judge became angry with the live audience.

Meanwhile, Simon complimented the act and noted: “I like artists who want to win.”

He added: “Stories are important. I think the audience will take you forward.”

'AGT: Fantasy League' judges rate Mersey Girls' performance (YouTube/@agt)
‘AGT: Fantasy League’ judges rate Mersey Girls’ performance (YouTube/@agt)

“America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” airs Mondays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

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