“AGT” Season 19: Watch Tyler Burke try archery with dire results

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Archery expert Tyler Burke made quite an appearance on “AGT” Season 19 Episode 6. Tyler kicked off his performance by lighting a lasso and deftly twirling it around his body, leaving judge Heidi Klum so surprised that she jumped out. from her seat and sought refuge behind the judge’s desk.

While Tyler demonstrated his ability to catch a flaming arrow in his hand and expertly handle the lasso, he struggled to shoot the bull’s eye with his bow and arrow.

Simon Cowell admitted that “half the act worked and half the act didn’t,” ultimately leading him to cast a no vote. However, Heidi Klum and Sofía Vergara were impressed enough to give Tyler a second chance.

Howie Mandel, on the other hand, made it clear that he would only give Tyler a yes if he could successfully hit the bull’s eye, which Tyler unfortunately did not. Despite the crowd’s encouragement for Tyler to try again, he was unable to hit the mark on his second attempt, leading to a mixed response from the judges.

While Simon remained steadfast in his decision to say no, Sofía and Heidi both chose to advance Tyler to the next round. The final decision rested in the hands of Howie Mandel, who finally decided to give Tyler a third chance.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s repeated failures to hit the target led to Howie also giving him a no-vote, resulting in Tyler’s elimination from the competition.

“AGT” Season 10 contestant Tyler Burker returns for Season 19 as a single (Instagram/@tyler.jadeye)

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Tyler Burke is getting mixed feedback from fans

Tyler Burke, a contestant on Season 19 of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT), garnered mixed reactions from fans for his risky and daring performance.

Ixo user said, “Damn this movie sucks but it had a GREAT 3rd act.”

#AGT Damn this movie sucks but it had a GREAT 3rd act.

— Mr. Good Boi Deluxe (@ToonGuy1234) July 10, 2024

Another user chimed in, “#AGT Ya that’s not on the whip-cracking, archer hacker. You gotta be at the top of your game and he’s not, bless him.”

#AGT Yeah, that’s not to the whip-cracking, archer. You have to be at the top of your game and he’s not, bless him.

— D🦁❤ (@DancinLionheart) July 10, 2024

A user wrote, “Glad the Indiana Jones cosplayer is gone because he was nowhere near like him.”

I’m glad the Indiana Jones cosplayer is gone because he wasn’t like him at all. #AGT

— Jason Eldridge (@Dueler312) July 10, 2024

Followed by a user who wrote, “Okay, this dangerous action is in danger of not continuing.”

Okay, this dangerous act is in danger of not going ahead. #AGT

— Jason Eldridge (@Dueler312) July 10, 2024

Who is Tyler Burke on “AGT” Season 19?

Tyler Burke achieved the Guinness World Record for catching the most arrows in a span of two minutes. He broke a record with the help of his brother Brandon, who directed the arrows at him during their audition for Season 10.

Despite aiming to break their own record, their act got the buzzer from Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel. The duo was eliminated from the competition after all four judges voted “No”.

Tyler holds the Guinness World Record for catching the most arrows in two minutes while blindfolded. In 2013, he accomplished that feat on live television filming “Guinness World Records Unleashed,” though it was unrelated to the topic at hand.

Tyler and his older brother Brandon were invited to appear on “AGT” two years later to showcase their unique talents, but their experience as guests on the show did not meet their expectations.

Tyler found their complicated experience unique but did not catch an arrow afterwards. Despite being a full-time artist and photographer/cinematographer, they still occasionally practice archery.

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Tyler Burke (Instagram/@tyler.jadeye)

The 19th season of “America’s Got Talent” premieres new episodes every Tuesday at 8pm and 5pm and 5pm PT on NBC. The season is available for streaming on Peacock, where episodes can be watched the next day

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