AJ Styles Return To TNA Before His Retirement Is More Possible Than Ever After Jordynne Grace’s NXT Debut

WWE shocked everyone by revealing Jordynne Grace as the next challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship on the latest episode of the yellow brand. Since Grace is the TNA Knockouts Champion, this was a real shocker for the fans, but it seems that something similar could be in the works for the legendary AJ Styles.

After Jordynne’s appearance in the May 28 edition of the company’s development territory, an interesting fan speculation has caught a lot of attention, and it is about The Phenomenal One. The theory was laid out in front of the audience by Youtuber SantiZap, and it is such that it could be historic.

Sharing how WWE could return the favor to TNA by having Styles return to the promotion for one final run before his retirement, the wrestling creator’s tweet created a lot of interest around this situation. What makes this possible is the report that the promotion of Triple H and TNA expects to continue such collaborations even after Grace’s match at the Battleground of NXT in Las Vegas.


Also, the recent segment that AJ had with SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis is something that adds a lot more to this speculation. The Phenomenal One was spotted asking Aldis for a world title, but Nick denied one. This could lead to tensions between these stars of the Triple H promotion, and Styles could start appearing on TNA.

WWE Universe is more than interested in watching AJ Styles at TNA

While AJ’s possible run in the company is currently just speculation, looking at the reactions this theory has received, it seems that WWE the Universe is more than interested in watching him at TNA. Sharing how this could be a great move for the 46-year-old, one said, “That would be great for AJ.” (Through: X)

WWE Universe is more than interested in watching AJ Styles at TNA
WWE Universe is more than interested in watching AJ Styles at TNA (Credits- WrestleTalk and X)

Claiming that this story is absolutely unbelievable, a listener wrote, “This would honestly be dope.” Sharing how this seems quite possible, a WWE fan commented, “I could definitely see it happening.” “That would be so peak,” another member of the pro wrestling community said of this interesting fan theory.

AJ Styles’ history with TNA may force WWE to give him this special opportunity

Some within the community believe that Triple H’s promotion may not be a good fit for AJ to fight elsewhere. But Styles’ history with TNA might force WWE to give him this special opportunity. Since The Phenomenal One has a lot of time in his professional career in that company, the Stamford-based promotion could end up giving him the license to be there again.

For those unaware of the 46-year-old’s run in Impact Wrestling, the former World Champion spent 12 years in the organization. He joined the company back in 2002 and stayed there until 2014, after which he spent two years on the independent circuit before finally signing with the biggest wrestling promotion in the entire world, WWE.

Since joining the promotion, Styles has been a household name in the country, which is probably why fans are questioning whether they will let him go for one final run in TNA. But, since he will still be signed under the promotion led by Triple H and will only be going there temporarily, it is something that could happen. If that’s the case, it’s sure to be nostalgic and entertaining for AJ Styles fans.

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