Alix Earle reveals her go-to game day look: ‘I’m always in heels’

Impressive Alix Earle has revealed that comfort is not her top priority when she dresses for game days.

The TikTok star, who is dating Miami Dolphins player Braxton Barrios, opened up about her go-to style with Page Six.

“I wanted to say comfortable, but I always wear heels,” she told us at the Fanatics party ahead of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

“I don’t know how comfortable it is,” she added. “Maybe elevated, sporty and fun.”

The New Jersey native, 23, proved her point in October 2023 when she wore a pair of strappy heels to one of her boyfriend’s games.

At the time, she joked about wearing white pumps to pick up her future children from school.

“I feel like a mom picking up her kids from school,” she said in a GRWM video, in which she was rocking an orange bodysuit, a dolphins cap and a small Jimmy Choo purse.

“I don’t know why a mom would dress like that to pick up her kids from school, but I’d dress like that,” she continued.

The “Hot Mess” podcast host was quickly pulled by her mom followers, who reacted to her video. too much Casual outfits are worn by them to choose their children.

“I thought I would look like that when I picked my kids up from school. I look like Adam Sandler though,” joked one parent.

“I was sent after picking up her kids from school,” chimed in another.

Earle has not publicly discussed his future family plans since he began spending time with Barrios in March 2023.

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The wide receiver, 28, who she affectionately refers to as “NFL Man,” was first linked to the social media star after his split from Sofia Culpo.

The athlete started dating the “Kulpo Sisters” star in 2021 and called it quits in early 2023.

Following rampant fan speculation, Earle spoke out publicly on several occasions to deny that Barrios had cheated on him with his ex.

“Unless you’re dating in March, I’m not breaking up with you,” she bluntly said on an episode of her podcast last year.

She and Berrios confirmed their casual romance when she appeared in a June 2023 TikTok video. They became an official couple in November.

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