Are Bri Muller and Joe Bradley still together? “Below Deck Med” Season 9 stars get cozy

ATHENS, GREECE: A love triangle between Elena “Ellie” Dubaich, Bri Muller, and Joe Bradley was developed in “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9, and now, it seems that the tension between the three yachts will reach new heights.

In the latest fifth episode of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 titled “Caught Between a Dock and a Heart Place”, Bri and Joe ended up hooking up after a crew night out. Naturally, Ellie wasn’t too happy about it.

Speaking about Bri’s actions towards Joe, Elena said, “I feel a little twisted by Bri.”

“You don’t care about my feelings… This is irritating and disappointing,” the Bravo star added.

After the crew returned to the boat after a night of fun, Elena made the decision to go to bed and call it a night.

“I don’t want to do something I regret, you know, get caught up in the flow of the moment? He has to take me out to dinner. Treat me like a lady,” she said putting on a shirt and going to bed. .

As her co-workers headed for the hot tub, Joe and Bri stuck together, their gazes locked in a longing stare that seemed to go on forever. The chemistry between them was palpable, sparking a silent conversation that no one else could understand.

“I think Bri and Joe are giving each other enough ‘fuck me’ eyes to say it’s time to go to bed,” Aesha Scott shared in a confessional.

As the crew dispersed and said their goodbyes, Bri and Joe were left alone in the room. Without hesitation, they leaned in and shared a passionate kiss, sealing their moment together in a private embrace.

“We’re just going to carry on as normal. Normal. Nothing happened,” Bri said in a private interview.

“Below Deck Mediterranean” stars Bri Muller and Joe Bradley share a passionate kiss (YouTube/@bravo)

“Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 star Bri Muller flirts with deckhand Joe Bradley

In the most recent episode of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9, flight attendant Bri Muller was spotted engaging in some playful banter with deckhand Joe Bradley as they all enjoyed a night out with the rest of the crew.

As they finished their evening, Joe casually offered to go back to the boat since the bill was paid, to which Bri enthusiastically agreed, explaining that she was ready to continue the fun back on the water.

The chemistry between Bri and Joe was undeniable, leaving fans wondering if romance could be brewing between the two crew members. With sparks flying and the energy high, it seems anything is possible on this season of “Below Deck Med.”

Soon after, Bri expressed to Joe, “You make me horny baby.” In response, Joe reciprocated the sentiment by saying, “Same here.” The mutual attraction between the two was palpable as they continued to flirt and exchange suggestive comments.

“Below Deck Med” stars Elena Dubaich, Joe Bradley, and Bri Muller are caught in a love triangle (Instagram/@bravo)

What was Elena Dubaich’s reaction to Bri Muller flirting with Joe Bradley?

In the fourth episode of Season 9 of “Below Deck Med,” Ellie offered her perspective on Bri’s interactions with Joe, expressing her thoughts on the flirtatious dynamic between the two.

“I’m not jealous that Bri is flirting with Joe, but she knows I’m attracted to him. I’ve told her many times,” Elena said in a confessional.

The “Below Deck Med” star went on to say, “We’re roommates, and as a general rule [when] working on a boat, you never want to go for the guy your supervisor is interested in.”

“Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 stars Bri Muller and Elena Dubaich show interest in Joe Bradley (@bravo)

Why did Bri Muller chase Joe Bradley in ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 9?

During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” following the episode’s airing, host Andy Cohen couldn’t help but bring up Bri’s bold move. His inquiry was simple, asking her what prompted her to make a move on Joe that night.

At first, Bri laughed and answered with uncertainty, saying she wasn’t sure. However, as the conversation progressed, she began to understand.

“Normally, after I’ve had a few Tequilas, I’m not so shy. So, yes. I was on the Tequila train. I had such confidence in myself,” she laughed.

.Andy then switched the conversation to Gael Cameron, who was sitting next to Bri on ‘WWHL.’ As a deckhand who worked closely with Joe, Andy was curious about Gael’s opinion on which of the two ladies, Bri or Elena, Joe seemed to be closer to. Gael chose Bri, citing their similar personalities as the reason for her choice.

'Below Deck Mediterranean' season 9's Bri Muller says she may be sued after revealing wild car story (Instagram/@bri.g.muller)
Bri Muller of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 found Joe Bradley attractive (Instagram/@bri.g.muller)

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 9 releases new episodes every Monday at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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