As North gets closer to the name of the ex-GF Adept, xQc quickly moves out of Wordley

Los Angeles, California: A trending clip of popular Twitch and Kik streamer Felix “xQc” is making waves on Reddit and Xx.

In the clip, xQc is seen suddenly leaving Wordle, citing discomfort with North’s similarity to his former partner, Sam “Adept” or AdaptTheBest.

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The duo’s public breakup became a major talking point last year, with online speculation rife about their legal separation.

xQ and Adept had a relationship with each other for years, and the breakup escalated during the livestream discussion. Legal complications then became involved, with one party claiming that the two were married.

Clearly, xQc’s recent actions reflect his distaste for reliving memories of their tumultuous breakup.

Here’s what happened during xQc’s recent livestream

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In the world of Twitch, where popular streaming communities often share inside jokes, trolling creators with such humor is a common occurrence.

For xQc, the fallout from her public breakup and ongoing legal battle with Adept has become a sensitive topic, making it a prime target of audience trolling.

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On December 3, when users discovered that The New York Times’ answer to Wordley was “Adept”, a play on the name of his former partner Adept, they urged xQc to play the game.

Audiences reported that it was not easy to convince them to participate; He reportedly had to accept a $5 donation to accept the playful trolling associated with the game.

Bowing to the constant pressure of his chat, the streamer eventually caved in and started playing Wordle.

On his third attempt, anticipating “adoption”, xQc caught trolling and closed the page in apparent disappointment.

However, the streamer immediately lightened up and praised Chat for the clever move. He fake laughed while looking into the camera, acknowledging the amusing banter with his audience.

Despite his initial discomfort, it was clear from xQc’s reaction that trolling had gotten under his skin.

Nevertheless, viewers and fans found the incident extremely entertaining, leading to widespread sharing across multiple platforms and significant audience attention.

Internet trolls xQc after Wordle stream

Internet users flocked to xQc’s YouTube comments section to react to her live stream, with one saying, “Man “Adapt” actually cursed at him while he was sleeping, huh..”

Another user wrote, “For a second I thought this would actually happen. You know. Man, even Wordle is making fun of him. So sad.”

The next user wrote, “At 0:28 he realized it.” One user wrote, “LMAO what are the chances? No wonder why he gambles.”

The next wrote, “Yeah, didn’t think it could be efficient as I’m pretty sure it was about a year ago.”

Another wrote, “Even Wordle is trolling you!” While one user said, “I finished my Diet Coke while laughing.”

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