ATP slams Corentin Mouttet for bad behavior after drinking Pepsi at Buenos Aires 2024

French tennis player Corentin Mautet’s behavior in the qualifiers for ATP Buenos Aires 2024 has left fans stunned. Despite suffering a first-round loss to Mariano Navone, Mouttet managed to grab attention for all the wrong reasons. Navon advanced to the next round with a scoreline of 5-7, 6-2, 6-2 to secure a decisive victory.

However, it was Corentin Mautet who made headlines for his unorthodox behavior at court, ‘Guillermo Villas.’ During the match, Mautet surprised the crowd by ordering a 1.5-liter bottle of Pepsi and flaunting it in front of the crowd like a trophy. This unexpected choice on the water in the scorching Argentine heat raised eyebrows.

Later, Mautet admitted that turning to fizzy drinks was a last resort. However, he had previously revealed that he tried to recover from recurring injuries by eliminating Pepsi from his diet, which was a complete contradiction.

In addition to his Pepsi preference, Mouttet’s emotional outbursts further demonstrated his bad behavior. He had a heated argument with a spectator in the middle of the game, showing visible displeasure. Furthermore, during a break in the game, Mouttet called a physiotherapist for medical assistance. However, upon the arrival of medical staff, he refused treatment, and his initial calls for help baffled many.

Mouttet’s erratic on-court behavior not only overshadowed his efforts against Mariano Navone but also drew widespread criticism from fans and critics alike. His actions during the match have fueled speculation regarding the factors influencing his decisions, reflecting a departure from the norms of sportsmanship.

Corentin Mouttet’s post-match reflections

In a world of tennis often dominated by routine and discipline, Corentin Mouat stands out as a colorful outlier, known for his unpredictable antics on and off the court. Despite his absence from this year’s Australian Open due to injury, the 24-year-old Frenchman has once again grabbed attention with his unorthodox behavior in the Argentina Open qualifiers.

Taking to social media platform X after the match, Mouttet apologized for throwing in the towel early. In his tweet, he expressed frustration at his body’s failure to compete and admitted to trying unorthodox methods like drinking Pepsi to keep playing.

In his post, he said, “Thought I was ready to compete but my body left me at 7/5 2/1…tried everything to fight to the end but it wasn’t enough.” He admitted that he went against his resolution by drinking Pepsi, which he had given up for his own good since last year.

He further shared, “Still 100% in the process of coming back. It will take time. But I practice well so my time will surely come. Despite the setback and disapproval of his behavior by tennis fans, Mouttet remains optimistic about his recovery and future performances, thanking his supporters for their unwavering support.

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