Bebe Rexha throws out a concertgoer trying to throw an object at her: “I’ll take you for everything you’ve done.”

Bebe Rexha prompted an audience member – and threatened legal action against them – for trying to throw an object at her during her show in Norway at the weekend.

The “I’m Good (Blue)” singer, 34, abruptly stopped her concert on Saturday after an unruly fan tried to throw something at her while she was on stage, according to a video circulating on social media.

“If you hit me with something on stage, I’ll take you for whatever you’ve done. Don’t play with me now,” the pop star told the crowd, adding, “Gone! Get the fk out.”

Rexha’s supporters applauded the pop star for defending herself. She then asked her fans to identify the culprit before safely intervening.

“Who?” she asked her fans. “Show the person. I want to see them.”

Rexha chased the perpetrator away several times, shouting: “Go away! Get the f–k out! This is it. It is made for you.”

The alleged agitator was then seen trying to jump over the barricade near the stage before being grabbed and escorted out by security as the audience erupted in boos.

The “Me, Myself & I” artist did not risk his show this time.

Last summer, Rexha had a black eye and needed stitches after a similar incident occurred at her New York concert in June 2023.

Rexha was performing at La Tegmento at Pier 17 when the alleged attacker, Nicolas Malvagna, threw his mobile phone at the unsuspecting singer.

She fell to the stage in pain and had to go to the hospital where she was patched up with several stitches.

Malvagna, a New Jersey resident, was arrested and charged with assault. As part of a plea agreement, Malvagna was sentenced to 40 days of community service.

A year later, the Grammy nominee was attacked again by a concertgoer who threw an object in her direction while she was performing in Green Bay, Wisconsin, last June.

Rexha had to stop her show and she informed the crowd that the police had been called to remove the offender.

The music producer does not tolerate any nonsense these days. She recently called out the toxic music industry, claiming she’s been “silenced” and “undermined” for years without going into specifics.

Weeks before, she dragged G-Eazy for treating her poorly after they collaborated on a song together. She called him an “ungrateful loser” in the since-deleted post, and later admitted she has no regrets and stands by what she said about the rapper.

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