Before Taylor Swift, the NFL star was head over heels for this reality TV star

The star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs once took the dating industry by storm with his reality entertainment show. Before Bumble and ‘X’ captured the dating imagination of the general public, dating shows generated huge hype and a massive fan following. ‘Catching Kells’ It was just another reality romance streaming show with an awkward yet undeniable charm to it.

The 6-foot-5 NFL star had to choose from a pool of 50 women who were eager to prioritize him over the dead-eyed investment banker. The show appears to be a toned-down version of some beauty pageant conceit, as Travis refers to the contestants. ‘the girls’ And ‘women’, one from each state. The ladies will have about 60 seconds to leave some lasting impression on Cals so that he can follow through to establish a relationship.

One can guess the grandeur of the show as the entire mansion is booked for the courtesans of Kells to have a relaxing time. Naturally, the top 20 suitors develop beef with each other and resort to cheap tricks and gossip to dismiss or dismiss their rivals. Although the show aired a long time ago, many do not remember the exact date.

The first episode of ‘Catching Kells’ aired in 2016

The official synopsis of the show revolved around the lines, “In search of his soulmate, NFL player Travis Kelce dates a woman from every state.” When Kelce handed out footballs to his potential followers on the show, the NFL star was desperate to find his life. ‘Team mate.’ Season 1 of the show had episodes that lasted about an hour on TV, as suitors took an active interest in attending various events with Claes to gauge their compatibility.

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The TV show premiered on October 5, 2016 on E! network. The entire season ended by November 16 of the same year, and the general public was in awe of the show for a long time after that. As of now, there is still no announcement as to where Season 2 of the show is and the reason why is yet to be revealed. However, Travis met someone very special at the show.

How did Travis Kelce meet Maya Banberry?

There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding how Maya Banberry met Travis Kelce, and here’s all the sauce. As the show reached its climax and the time to decide the winner approached, Tavis chose Maya Banberry. Additionally, the relationship lasted a few months after the show recorded its last episode. Benberry claims to be from Kentucky and has a degree in elementary education.

To unravel other private details, various sources on the internet claim that she is two years younger than Kelsey. However, the two soon broke up, and shortly after, Kelce got engaged to Kyla Nicole in 2017. However, the question remains: Why did the two break up?

Why did Travis Kelce and Maya Banberry break up?

Travis Kelce has openly stated that he has no plans to get married or get engaged right away after starting his relationship with Maya Banberry. In addition, Benberry also shared her doubts about the Chiefs’ tight end. In September 2023, Benberry named Kells a “The Narcissist”. Moreover, she also claimed that she is getting a lot of hate from Swifties.

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The Kentucky winner also claimed that Travis resorted to cheating while the two were in a relationship. Although there was no confirmation about this from Kells, Banberry stuck to his part of the story.

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