“Below Deck Med” Season 9 star Bri Muller recalls a terrifying childhood experience

ATHENS, GREECE: During the most recent episode of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9, stew Bri Muller shared a heartbreaking story about the bullying she suffered while attending boarding school.

Having a conversation with her mother Sharon Muller on the phone, Bri discussed the ongoing situation with Elena Dubaich at Mustique. When her mom asked if everything was resolved, Bri answered with a definite “no.”

Bri expressed her concern by saying, “I feel like I’m saying the wrong things,” to which Sharon replied, “Just show kindness and remember that there’s a fine fine balance between being assertive in the way people perceive you. Sometimes they might .perceive it impertinent.”

During a confessional, Bri opened up about the horrific experience of being bullied during her school years. She shared the emotional toll it took on her mental health.

“Defending myself is very scary. I went to boarding school and they just had a way of making me feel small. We got a hierarchy drilled into us. Whoever was above you in terms of age, you had to wait at the door. , even if the person was meters away , otherwise you would have been bullied,” she said in a confessional.

Sharon told Bri, “Just remember you got your mother’s love with you,” to which she replied, “Thanks, Mom.”

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 star Bri Muller was bullied at school (@bravo)

‘Below Deck Med’ Season 9: Is Bri Muller Dating Joe Bradley?

Romantic relationships on boats are a significant aspect of ‘Below Deck Med.’ In the most recent season, a love triangle developed between Bri Muller, Elena “Ellie” Dubaich, and Joe Bradley. After a night out, Joe and Bri became cozy, causing jealousy from Ellie. It seems that Bri and Joe are no longer in a relationship.

During her guest appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” after the episode aired, host Andy Cohen took the opportunity to discuss Bri’s bold move. He asked her about the inspiration behind her decision to make a move on Joe on the show.

At first, Bri hesitated and answered with uncertainty, admitting that she wasn’t entirely sure. However, she spilled the tea as the discussion continued.

“Normally, after I’ve had a few Tequilas, I’m not so shy. So, yes. I was on the Tequila train. I had such confidence in myself,” she laughed.

The conversation then shifted to Gael Cameron, who was sitting next to Bri on “WWHL.” As someone who worked closely with Joe, Andy was intrigued to know Gael’s opinion on whether Joe seemed to be getting closer to Bri or Elena. Gael ultimately chose Bri, attributing their similar personalities as the reason for her choice.

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 stars Bri Muller and Joe Bradley pack on the PDA in a bravado show (YouTube/@bravo)

Who is Bri Muller in “Below Deck Med” Season 9?

Bri Muller, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, was born on April 22, making her a Taurus. Tauruses, like Bri, are known for their stubbornness but are also seen as determined and strong-willed individuals.

The “Below Deck Med” star spent three years working in the yachting industry and enjoys water-related activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, tubing, gliding, and sun deck hopping in her free time. Bri found the perfect career for herself and showed professionalism by not sharing details of her wildest charter guest experience when asked by Bravo.

“So many crazy things have happened that crazy stories for other people are just normal everyday occurrences for me. I would probably end up with a lawsuit if I had to tell you,” she shared.

'Below Deck Mediterranean' season 9 newbie Bri Muller is cooking on the Bravo show (Instagram/@belowdeckbravo)
‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 9 newbie Bri Muller is cooking on the Bravo show (Instagram/@belowdeckbravo)

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 9 airs every Monday at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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