“Below Deck Med” star Sandy Yawn calls out boss Iain Maclean for failing to be in charge of the charge

ATHENS, GREECE: The latest episode of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 9 showed Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew dealing with unexpected engine problems on the yacht Mustique. During the episode, she tried to communicate to boss Iain Maclean the breakdown of the mopint system.

Sandy asked the deck crew to assist in transferring Piers to the tender boat.

“A windlass is like a bobbin thread, it has a clutch, so you free it from the teeth that haul the anchor. This starboard windlass doesn’t grab, so we have a hard time hauling the anchor,” she said in a confessional. .

Nathan Gallagher informed the captain that he had successfully activated the power on the windlass, a crucial piece of equipment used for lifting and lowering heavy objects on the ship.

The second engineer, Luka, revealed that there was a problem with the spin mechanism of the shaft, explaining that it was not working properly and caused the object to remain stationary.

After informing Sandy that the windlass was probably disconnected from the shaft, they made the joint decision to use the port windlass to move the anchor. Piers, who is an engineer, informed Sandy that the batteries had been left overnight, making them likely to be drained of power.

“The batteries drained on the tender, it’s kind of one thing after another and this is the worst possible time for a mistake like that,” Sandy said.

Shortly afterwards, Sandy discovered that it was actually Iain who had left the battery behind overnight, ultimately causing the engine problems.

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 Captain Sandy Yawn is unhappy with Iain Maclean’s carelessness (@brravo)

“Below Deck Med” star Iain Maclean takes the blame for tender’s dead batteries

Deckmaster Joe Bradley went and woke up Iain and said to him, “Hey, Iain. We need you on deck, bro? The battery is dead on the tender and the starboard side anchor isn’t working. So we have to use the port side to bring it up. down the chain. Okay, so there are two problems.”

Iain responded with a simple affirmation, “Okay,” indicating his agreement or understanding of the situation at hand.

Sandy asked Ian, “Who was last in the tender?” to which he replied, “Probably me.”

The captain reminded his colleague that he had forgotten to turn off the battery and asked for his help in solving the problem.

Commenting on the whole situation, Iain said, “Here we go, I was last in the bidding, so I accept the blame.”

Iain Maclean is the most experienced crew on the
“Below Deck Med” star Iain Maclean blames tender’s failing batteries (YouTube/@bravo)

Who is Iain Maclean in ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 9?

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Iain Maclean is currently working as the lead on the latest season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ With five years of experience in the shipping industry under his belt, Iain brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the crew.

When he’s not busy on deck, Iain likes to stay active by working out, hiking, catching waves while surfing and enjoying the lively atmosphere of music festivals. He also cherishes quality time spent with loved ones and relaxing on the sandy shores of the beach.

While discussing his work on the show, Iain expressed his views on the motor yacht Mustique, admitting that it requires some maintenance but is structurally sound. He finds great satisfaction in filming in picturesque destinations such as Ponza and Palmarola in Italy.

“Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 star Iain Maclean joins crew as bosun (Instagram/@iain_twee_drie)

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 9 airs every Monday at 9pm ET on Bravo

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