Big rivalry: “Sub Deck Med’s Aesha Scott unhappy about ongoing feud between Bri Muller and Elena Dubaich

ATHENS, GREECE: Aesha Scott seems distressed by the growing personal tensions between Bri Muller and Elena “Ellie” Dubaich. In the recent episode of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9, Aesha addressed the ongoing issues between her team members Bri and Ellie, mentioning their rivalry over deckhand Joe Bradley.

Speaking about the rivalry between the stews, Aesha said, “Bri and Ellie just have this annoying rivalry that revolves around Joe. [Bradley].” “You know when people are emotionally distracted, it’s not like you can discipline them out of their emotions,” she further added.

Later in the episode, Ellie also revealed to Aesha that Bri slept on the floor in Joe and Nathan’s cabin. “This Bri situation is getting out of hand,” Ellie said. “She sleeps on the awful floor in the boys’ cabin. She tells me I’m belittling her,” Ellie explained.

Later, Aesha questioned Ellie about the situation, to which Ellie simply replied with a curt “no”. Their conversation was interrupted when a guest entered the room, prompting Aesha to remind everyone to stay focused on work for now and deal with personal matters later.

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 star Aesha Scott is unhappy about the ongoing drama between Bri Muller and Elena Dubaich (@bravo)

What happened between ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 9 stars Bri Muller and Elena Dubaich?

In the latest episode of “Below Deck Med” Season 9, Ellie and Bri addressed their issues with each other in separate confessionals. Bri expressed her belief that Ellie acted out of a sense of superiority, labeling it a “power trip”, and expressed visible frustration over Ellie’s previous romantic involvement with Joe.

Meanwhile, Ellie expressed her frustration with Bri, feeling that Bri consistently did not actively listen to her perspective and ignored her feelings. The tension between the two crew members continued to escalate as they struggled to find common ground and resolve their differences.

Tensions began to escalate as soon as it became apparent that both women harbored feelings for Joe, but the situation reached a boiling point in Episode 5 after Bri and Joe shared an unexpected kiss.

After the incident, Ellie told Bri, “You give zero f**ks about me. I would never break my friendship with you over a random f***ing guy. It was a snake move.” “The last thing I want to name is a snake. I never do anything with malice,” Bri replied.

“Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 stars Bri Muller and Elena Dubaich show interest in Joe Bradley (@bravo)

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 star Aesha Scott dishes on the stews drama

In a May 2024 interview with The Daily Dish, Aesha delved into the circumstances, offering additional insight and elaborating on the details of the stew situation.

“I think where I really struggled – what you’ll see – was managing cooking, the emotions of my girls. The stuff that remains in the crew mess was really hard to deal with. That was my biggest challenge of the season, “Aesha. said Although there were some good aspects to her season, she faced challenges in her relationships with co-workers.

“Things are going up in terms of me managing the work and the guest experiences and provisions, in terms of the actual day-to-day running of the boat. As for the dynamics of the crew, I would say things are still going down. It’s been more about managing my staff and relationships and emotions that challenged me this season than the actual main dish,” she added.

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 star Aesha Scott dishes on the stew drama (@bravo)

Who is Aesha Scott in “Below Deck Med” Season 9?

Aesha Scott’s cruise started long before her debut on ‘Below Deck Med.’ Originally from New Zealand, Aesha’s passion for adventure and exploration led her to pursue a career in the shipping industry.

Before her reality TV stint, Aesha honed her skills as a flight attendant on high-end yachts, showcasing her exceptional skills. Making her mark on “Below Deck Med” season 4 in 2019, Aesha brought with her a wealth of experience, boasting 8 years in the industry.

Her magnetic personality, sharp wit and playful demeanor quickly endeared her to fans of the show, solidifying her status as a beloved member of the franchise.

“Below Deck Med” Season 9 star Aesha Scott has 8 years of ship experience (@bravo)

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 9 airs every Monday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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