Braun Strowman Was Upset With Criticism Against His Iconic Match With Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has certainly left a huge void that can never be filled in the world of WWE. His mere presence was enough to show his pure excellence and how brilliant he really was. Known for his popular Wyatt Family faction, Bray elevated the careers of his stablemates including Braun Strowman, who went on to become World Champion in the future.

His stablemates always enjoyed having him around and got a lot of behind the scenes from him. In addition to his fellow wrestlers and stablemates, Wyatt had a strong fan base eager to see him engage in fierce competition. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Braun Strowman talked about the late superstar and how their Swamp Fight became Braun’s favorite moment in his WWE career.

Bray and Braun engaged in a “Swamp Battle” at Extreme Rules 2020 for the Universal Championship. After filming, Strowman revealed how happy he was to have that encounter with Wyatt, but he also mentioned how he had to be sent to the hospital immediately.”That was my teacher, my mentor, my master, being able to go there and use the tools and the assets that he taught me.…”, stated Braun.

He further stated, “I ended up in the hospital after it, so I came home and I collapsed in my house with full-body cramps.” The Monster Among Men was seriously injured after the match and gave it his all as he required four liters of fluid to keep his body from cramping.

Braun Strowman did not like the reviews his match against Bray Wyatt received

Strowman also addressed the criticism that many people had of the match, stating that it was hard to hear it when he was risking his health and well-being. “I see, it’s your opinion that you’re entitled to it, but it’s like I almost killed myself to make this happen for all of you.”stated the Monster Among Men of critics reviewing his Swamp Fight with Bray.

Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt in Swamp Fight
Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt in Swamp Fight (Credit-X)

Being one of the most exciting matches on the card, Braun and Bray fired for 32 continuous hours to make the match look more intense. However, these efforts were not very well received by the fans as they were hoping for more from the two. The match itself was slow but had excellent production management with intense cinematic shots and absolute storytelling.

Braun Strowman Opens Up About How He’s Dealing With Bray Wyatt’s Death

Braun Strowman spoke about Bray’s presence and how his death affected him with incomparable emotion and atmosphere. Sitting down with Chris Van Vliet, Braun spoke candidly about Bray and how he still remembers the Eater of Worlds. “I see him all the time. It’s crazy, it really is crazy. I don’t know how spiritual someone is, but I had a very deep connection with him.”, Braun said. He continued by saying that several things remind him of Bray and he misses him every day.

This proves the close bond that Bray shared with his friends and the WWE Universe. The Monster Among Men may be the closest wrestler to the Eater of Worlds, but not by much. He proved this by speaking highly of Wyatt and giving his all for him.

Along with the evil Wyatt Family – Bray Wyatt, the late Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan, Strowman made his WWE debut. No one anticipated that the presence of Braun would make him become so well known in the WWE. Braun said he owes the Wyatt Family everything and that he continues to appreciate how their support has impacted his life.

Strowman claims that from the first moment Wyatt saw him, he knew he needed him in the Wyatt Family. Wyatt made every effort to encourage Strowman to join the faction. Their incomparable bond has truly affected the Monster Among Men who grieves him every day since the unfortunate passing of his stablemate.

Bray Wyatt and the Uncle Howdy faction (Credits- New York Post and X)
Bray Wyatt and the Uncle Howdy faction (Credits- New York Post and X)

Bray’s legacy was once again glorified when Uncle Howdy finally appeared before the audience on the most recent episode of RAW. The crowd had been anticipating Uncle Howdy’s arrival for some time, and the way it was done made it well worth the wait. WWE made sure to present the faction to fans in the best possible light, and the way the production staff executed the reveal was extraordinary.

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