Brock Lesnar’s WWE Fame Doesn’t Intimidate His Daughter Mya Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a very famous name in the combat sports industry, especially WWE and UFC. The Beast conquered the formula for success in both of these promotions and is now one of the biggest names to ever step foot in them. Even though Brock no longer appears on television, his past success helps him remain a hotly debated name on the internet.

Now that The Beast Incarnate is not an active member of the WWE roster, someone else from his family is making headlines, and it’s none other than his daughter, Mya Lynn Lesnar. The 22-year-old female star is a popular shooter, and she recently made some surprising comments about Lesnar and her own professional career.

Sharing how her struggling megastar father’s fame doesn’t scare her, Mya Lesnar said, “He is just a dad to me. I don’t see him as a Superstar, just someone in my corner. Now, I’m kind of in the spotlight with him in my shadow, watching me. I think that’s great.”

These comments are probably somewhat true at this stage, as Brock has been away from WWE since SummerSlam 2023. Although he was expected to return at Royal Rumble 2024, all of that was canceled after Janel Grant’s accusations against The Beast Incarnate. Also, at time, the company tried to remove Lesnar from its history.

On the other hand, Mya is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the US due to her incredible professional success. Considering the way Brock’s daughter has grown up, it looks like she will continue to make her father proud with her work. In addition, it will also be interesting to see if Brock Lesnar will ever return to professional wrestling or not.

WWE Universe reacts to Mya Lesnar’s remarks about Brock Lesnar

Mya recently shared her thoughts on The Beast, and the WWE Universe is reacting to Mya Lesnar’s remarks about Brock Lesnar. Showing how having her own legacy is an absolutely commendable achievement for her, a listener said, “That’s a win for her.” (Through: X)

Fans react to Mya Lesnar's remarks
Fans react to Mya Lesnar’s remarks (Credits- X)

Someone from the pro wrestling community wrote, “She is an animal just like her father.” “It’s over when she comes to the WWE,” stated a fan. “honestly i wouldn’t mind if mya lesnar comes to wwe i feel she has potential,” another pro wrestling follower said when talking about Mya Lesnar’s professional future.

Mya Lesnar has achieved a lot in her young professional career

Born on April 10, 2002, Mya Lesnar is the most popular child of The Beast. The 22-year-old’s fame is probably the reason the WWE Universe is interested in Mya joining the Triple H-led promotion. But the thing is, Mya has already achieved a lot in her young professional career as a shot putter in the united states

The female figure is the Minnesota state champion in the shot put and currently holds sixth place in the shot put across the United States. Mya Lynn has also competed in discus competitions, and she is also an accomplished volleyball player. Among her exceptional abilities, she was accepted into the Arizona State University sports program despite being in high school.

Mya Lynn Lesnar
Mya Lynn Lesnar (Credits – People and Fan Arch)

Aside from her achievements as an athlete, Mya Lynn Lesnar also remains a popular name in the WWE Universe due to her resemblance to her dad. Mya seems like a mirror image of The Beast Incarnate, and it has often led to discussions across social platforms. It’s obvious that fans want her to follow her father’s legacy by joining WWE, so it will be interesting to see if she decides to follow this path in the near future or not.

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