Bryan Danielson Opens Up About What Separates Aew from WWE

Bryan Danielson is one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. He is widely regarded as one of the all-time greats for his technical abilities within the squared circle. For over two decades, Bryan has dedicated his life to the world of professional wrestling and continues to perform at the highest level. He has given countless instant classics in his professional career and is looking to give the audience a little more down the road.

After leaving WWE in 2021 and jumping to join AEW, Bryan created a buzz in the wrestling industry. Before he arrived in the AEW, Bryan was part of the main event at WrestleMania 37 along with Edge and Roman Reigns. He made his debut for AEW at the All Out event in 2021, which sent wrestling into a frenzy. It was one of the loudest pops in the company’s history leaving the wrestling world shocked.

The WWE Universe questioned Bryan about his sudden change as fans wanted to see more of him in the Stamford-based promotion. Being the Grand Slam champion, Bryan certainly dominated the Triple H promotion during his time in the company. During an interview with 6abc, The American Dragon spoke openly about why he chose AEW over WWE and why he turned down staying in the Stamford-based promotion.

Bryan Danielson has had several great matches in AEW
Bryan Danielson had several great matches in AEW (Credit Reddit)

He stated how AEW is a wrestling-based company and focuses more on the wrestling part than the stories and promos involved. He also proved his decision to leave the WWE correct by stating that it was trying to reach casual viewers and not wrestling fans.

Bryan Danielson compares the quality of wrestling between AEW and WWE

During his interview, Bryan stated “AEW is a wrestling-first company; it’s a wrestling company for wrestling fans. Sometimes WWE is based more on general entertainment, where they want to reach as many casual viewers as possible.” Bryan talked about how Tony Khan’s promotion only promotes wrestling as their main theme of entertainment while Triple H’s promotion fails to do so.

He further compared the time given to actual wrestling matches on both shows and called Dynamite a more effective show in terms of wrestling than three hours of RAW. “There’s a lot more wrestling in 2 hours of Dynamite than even a 3 hour RAW.”, stated Bryan. He also stated that there are times when Dynamite has more wrestling than SmackDown and RAW combined.

Since his arrival on the scene, Bryan has had some instant classics with Kenny Omega, Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, and several top talent. His love for the sport has always led to some of the most innovative and flashy bouts and his matches at Tony Khan’s promotion are a few examples.

Despite high-flying action, Bryan Danielson’s AEW is far behind WWE in terms of ratings

Supposedly positioned as their successor to the WWE throne, All Elite Wrestling is currently in dire straits. Beginning in the summer of 2019, AEW became the fastest rising product in the professional wrestling industry, quickly establishing itself as a competitive threat to WWE’s monopoly.

Tony Khan and Triple H
Tony Khan and Triple H (Credit-X)

Unfortunately, the company’s golden period ended in the fall of 2022, and they have had difficulty recovering since then. The ongoing injuries, poor booking choices, the exit of Cody Rhodes, and the whole CM Punk vs. AEW conflict have severely damaged the credibility of the promotion.

Poor box office sales over the past few months indicate that the company has struggled to regain its original appeal, even after bringing in world-class superstars like Adam Copeland, Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay. The poor ticket sales for AEW Dynamite are not unprecedented, and they are in line with WWE’s changing priorities. WWE has been doing well with their new product since Triple H took the position of Head of Creative.

WWE has largely improved their production quality since the merger 1

With a valuation of over $6.8 billion, this new offering placed them second in the most valuable combat sports promotions. If AEW can quickly improve both the overall caliber of the program and ticket sales, only time will tell.

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