Buddy Hield Has High Expectations for His Latest Addition to the Golden State Warriors

Buddy Hield recently shared his thoughts and expectations during one of his first interviews after being traded to the Golden State Warriors. For those who may not be aware of things like trades, the NBA offseason is the perfect time for most leagues across the team to improve their roster to get better and get closer to winning an NBA championship.

The Warriors are one of many teams that fell short of winning a title. Golden State was eliminated from postseason contention through the playoffs by the Sacramento Kings. To prevent a similar outcome in the near future, GSW added Buddy to their team. Now that the context is provided, let’s take a closer look and find out what Hield had to say.

Buddy Hield believes he can learn a lot from Steph Curry and the Warriors

The basketball community will acknowledge that the Golden State Warriors are the only undisputed basketball dynasty of the modern generation. Led by Steph, Klay, and Draymond, the Warriors won 4 NBA championships within a span of 8 years.

Although the team has struggled to stay relevant over the past few seasons, there’s no denying that Golden State has championship experience and knows what it takes to win a title. Since Buddy Hield has yet to win a ring, he prioritized the desire to win with the Warriors.

“Just go there, gotta let the town know I’m a kid who loves to play. I want to go there and win. Try to get them back on top. All I can do is help them get back to the top and it’s fun man, basketball. They made the game so easy over there, so hopefully being with Steph, I’ll be able to watch him and learn from him… Learn from all the key guys like Draymond and Wiggins and be on a championship-caliber team.”

Because Buddy Hield has solid experience and time in the NBA, he knows the impact Curry and the Warriors have had on the way the sport of basketball is played. After hearing that their team could add Buddy Hield to their roster, many fans even claimed that the Warriors filled the hole left by Klay Thompson with another one. Splash Brother.

Buddy Hield has made more three pointers than Steph Curry over the past 5 seasons

There are very few NBA players who can claim to have made more three-pointers than Steph Curry in a single season. Doing it over the past 5 years proves that Hield is an elite talent and an otherworldly shooter himself. While some fans might go so far as to misinterpret this fact as an assertion that Hield is a better shooter than Curry, it’s important to remember several factors that Steph has dealt with for the majority of his career.

Steph Curry has been playing at an elite level for several years now. As he approaches the back end of his career, the Warriors star has dealt with injuries with greater frequency. That’s the main reason Hield was able to maintain the lead in terms of three-point shots made.

It’s also important to remember that Steph faces all kinds of defensive schemes and techniques on a nightly basis. While Hield is also certainly guarded by his opposition, it would be foolish to claim that they are both guarded with the same intensity or manner. Either way, fans are left wondering what the Warriors will be able to do after these changes to their starting lineup.

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