‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 7: Regina Hall Gives Vonda K Morris and Her Daughter a Home Renovation with an HVAC System

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Vonda K Morris is a well-known makeup artist who has worked for several A-list Hollywood celebrities. She is known for her soulful work in “The Lovebirds, Gringo and The Wedding Singer”.

Vonda is a single mother of two children, a daughter and a son. She recently reflected on her latest social media projects.

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The makeup artist noted that 2023 is a roller coaster year for her. She worked on “Lawman: Bass Reeves” for six months away from home.

She previously worked in Cleveland, Ohio for 3 months on the LaBron James film “Shooting Stars”. Vonda has been friends with Regina Hall for 15 years.

The comedian wanted to treat her longtime friend and daughter, Sabah, to a surprise renovation with a brand new HVAC system in the upcoming Season 7 episode of “Celebrity IOU.”

HGTV guest Vonda’s daughter Sabah was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and Regina wanted to give her friends a moment of joy during their difficult time.

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Regina teamed up with “Celebrity IOU” Season 7 stars Jonathan and Drew Scott for a moving makeover of her friend Vonda’s house. Jonathan and Drew, who recently helped Ray Ramona surprise his assistant, will give their home a surprising makeover while entertaining viewers.

Vonda K Morris is a makeup artist (Instagram/@vondakayemor)
Vonda K Morris is a makeup artist (Instagram/@vondakayemor)

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Regina Hall Wants Home Renovation to Be ‘Perfect’ for Vonda K Morris’ Daughter

In the recently released preview for Season 7 of “Celebrity IOU” via People, Jonathan Scott revealed that Regina Hall wanted the house renovation to be perfect for Vonda K Morris and her children.

Regina also wanted to help Jonathan and Scott and she took the hammer in hand to start the demolition process to organize Vonda’s dream kitchen.

Additionally, Regina and the Scoot brothers decided to replace the 30-year-old HVAC system because Vonda’s daughter was still suffering from a compromised immune system.

Jonathan and Drew alongside Regina planned to replace the HVAC system with a new one and extend the makeover to the family room and dining room.

Regina Hall wants home renovation to be 'perfect' for Vonda K Morris' daughter (Instagram/@morereginahall)
Regina Hall wants home renovation to be ‘perfect’ for Vonda K Morris’ daughter (Instagram/@morereginahall)

How did Regina Hall meet Vonda K Morris?

Regina Hall and Vonda K Morris had been friends for about 15 years and they first met on the set of “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” Regina revealed in the teaser that Vonda was the head of the makeup department on the show.

Over the years, Regina and Vonda’s friendship only deepened, and the makeup artist eventually became the closest person in the comedian’s life.

Aside from being friends, Vonda has also been a pillar of support for the past 15 years. Regina revealed in the preview for the HGTV show’s latest installation that Vonda had been with her through the hardest times.

She said: “Vonda has been with me through the loss of my mother, the loss of my dog, the breakups.”

Regina Hall and Vonda K Morris have been friends for 15 years (Instagram/@morereginahall and vindakayemor)
Regina Hall and Vonda K Morris have been friends for 15 years (Instagram/@morereginahall and vindakayemor)

Season 7 of “Celebrity IOU” airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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