Cher says she’s “proud” of boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards” after her fight with Travis Scott: “He didn’t start” it.

Cher is full of love and understanding.

The “Believe” singer, 78, spoke out after her boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, was involved in a physical altercation with rapper Travis Scott in Cannes, France during the annual film festival last week.

“He Didn’t Start The Fight Against 2 Men,… He Finished It, Gotta Love Him,” she wrote on X-Saturday.

She also gushed about how “proud” she was of Edwards for the way he handled the situation.

Edwards told TMZ something similar when he was stopped outside LAX airport and asked about the fight on Wednesday.

When asked how he felt about the feud, the music executive told the photographer, “Whatever I’m with it, my dog ​​is with it.”

In the next breath, he cleaned up his comment and called the singer “my woman”, telling them they were “happy” together.

As Page Six previously reported, Scott and Edwards, 38, got into a fight while attending Richie Akiva’s annual “The After” after-party in Cannes, France, where they nearly injured a horde of women in the brawl.

“Models were flying everywhere in the melee,” a source said at the time. “Someone got hit with an ice bucket.”

Another source named the “Astroworld” hitmaker as the “aggressor” behind the fight after he was allegedly upset with Akiva for yelling at Edwards and his friend, Tyga, on the mic.

Scott reportedly took Akiva’s microphone away, prompting Edwards to tell the rapper to “let him show love.”

“He and his team were neurotic, erratic and crazy. He was out there looking for a fight with anyone to be honest,” said the source.

While Tyga and Scott have a history considering they both dated Kylie Jenner, sources said the “Kardashians” star was not the cause of their drama.

“The history is there [but] it’s not that that’s necessarily what was the cause [of this fight],” the insider shared.

However, they admitted that there is long-standing tension between the two men due to their shared ex.

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