Chris Jericho gave probably the most brutal insult to Shaquille O’Neal on WWE RAW

Shaquille O’Neal was once insulted on television for the whole world to see by a WWE legend. As most NBA fans should be aware, Shaq is a former star and is considered by most of the basketball community to be the most dominant and unstoppable force in the history of the league.

Some fans will know that Shaq has many interests and has never been limited to being just another athlete. From hosting podcasts to being a DJ and even trying his hand at the WWE, O’Neal has lived a life full of experiences.

During an appearance at a WWE show, a well-known wrestler named Chris Jericho took the microphone in his hands and fired at Shaq. Now that the context has been provided, let’s look back to when this event occurred.

Chris Jericho claimed that Kobe Bryant was more dominant than Shaquille O’Neal

There can’t be too many WWE fans who don’t know a lot about Chris Jericho. Much like John Cena or Roman Reigns, Jericho is one of the pillars of the entertainment sport and has found much success and fame as a professional wrestler.

Since many wrestling fans already knew about Shaquille O’Neal, one has to wonder how they felt when Jericho took a mic and taunted Shaq. Jericho claimed that he expected to see Kobe Bryant in the ring after it was announced that the most dominant player would make an appearance in the WWE.

“When I heard that the most dominant player in NBA history was hosting RAW. I automatically assumed it was Kobe Bryant but instead, it’s you. Let me remind you of something. The most powerful duo in sports is not LeBron and Shaq. It’s Chris Jericho…”

Shaq didn’t let Jericho finish his line and called him Christina. While this isn’t a taunt filled with bad language or slurs, it probably had a significant effect on Shaq, even if he didn’t make the effect it had on him visible. After all, the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal is something that fans even discuss in the current times.

The polarizing relationship of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant

Of all the championship-caliber star duos in league history, Shaq and Kobe Bryant’s time together with the LA Lakers stands out. Shaq joined the Lakers with the hope of winning an NBA championship. He managed to do just that 3 times along with Kobe. However, friction and conflict began to emerge between the two. Perhaps this should be expected given that they had different personalities and approaches.

After Shaq left the Lakers and won another NBA title with the Miami Heat, the basketball world put a fair share of pressure on Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba exceeded those expectations by winning 2 more titles for the Lakers before his career ended.

While even Kobe would agree that Shaq was the most dominant player, their relationship throughout their careers and after they ended is something fans have debated over the years.

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