Christine Brown worried about ‘losing independence’ as ‘Sister Wives’ star bashes ex Kody Brown

MURRAY, Utah: ‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown uploaded a selfie of herself wearing a bright pink top to Instagram on Wednesday night. In the caption, the TV star talked about her concerns about losing freedom in monogamy.

The show makes it clear that the Sister Wives were almost self-sufficient when they were in polygamy with ex-Cody Brown. However, Christine decided to separate and start everything afresh with her now husband David Woolley.

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The 51-year-old opted for a monogamous lifestyle and it was indeed a big change for the star. “I was always worried that I would lose my independence in a marriage,” Christine wrote.

However, it didn’t take long for Christine to realize that all it takes to be happy in a marriage is the right man. She adds, “The other day I realized that being married to the right person (David for me!) makes me more free than ever!”

One user commented on Kristen’s post, saying, “This has nothing to do with polyamory vs. monogamy. Kody was controlling and emotionally abusive. Even if you were monogamous with Kody, it wouldn’t be any different Would have been. You are now free to live a loving relationship. Enjoy! You deserve it. And may Robin get the life she deserves.”

Another criticized polygamy, saying, “That’s because polygamy doesn’t mean partnering.”

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‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown talks about her fear of losing independence (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)

Is ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Married to David Woolley?

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Yes, Christine is now happily married to David. The star announced her engagement to David in April 2023.

She wrote on social media, “We are engaged! David asked the question in a very romantic way and I said yes! I am so excited and live every day with joy!”

After this the couple got married in October 2023. Christine uploaded several photos from her wedding day, saying, “Lovely life!! I got to marry my man and it was a beautiful day. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.” Love you, my king.”

'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown to marry David Woolley in November 2023 (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)
‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown to marry David Woolley in November 2023 (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)

Why did ‘Sister Wives’ stars Christine Brown and Kody Brown split?

After being together for more than 25 years, Christine decided to separate from Kody in 2021. She officially announced the news in November 2021.

Christine announced the news via her Instagram, saying, “Cody and I have separated and I have made the difficult decision to leave.”

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we raise our beautiful children and support our wonderful family,” she added.

Even though Christine didn’t reveal the exact reason for their split from Polygamous, it became clear to fans from the show that Robin Brown played a major role in their split.

Kody was more focused on his fourth wife, Robyn, and this led to the breakdown of all other marriages.

'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown announces separation from Kody Brown (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)
‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown announces separation from Kody Brown (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)

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