Clippers Were Not Loyal to Paul George, Not Otherwise: Draymond Green

Draymond Green recently went into great detail about the details that surrounded Paul George being traded by the Philadelphia 76ers. To those who may not be well informed on the subject, PG spent the past half decade of his career with the LA Clippers. Although he joined the team with the hope of helping the franchise win a title, he did not agree to stay with the team.

Because Draymond is also a veteran in the league and understood the dynamics between a team and a star at various levels, he spoke about the Paul George situation from a different perspective compared to the story that the basketball community promotes. That said, fans must be interested to find out more.

Draymond Green thinks the LA Clippers acted irrationally in letting Paul George go

After hearing that Paul George signed a 4-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, fans attacked him and accused him of always jumping from team to team in the hope of winning an NBA title. As a result, his very decision generated a lot of scrutiny and criticism from fans.

Draymond thinks otherwise on the subject. The Star Warriors pointed out that PG initially wanted to join the Golden State Warriors. However, this deal was not accepted by the Los Angeles Clippers for a number of reasons.

“Paul George is going to come to the Warriors and we’ve always talked about these organizations… What they do for their players and what they don’t. For us to get Paul George, it would take a sign and trade. The Clippers really didn’t want to play ball. They didn’t really wanted to help him get where he wanted to go. In return, they get nothing back. You could have something back…”

Draymond continued, “These organizations are not always ready to play ball. And I don’t think the Clippers really wanted to play ball for Paul George to get to the Warriors… When you talk about players not being loyal… I never want to hear that again.…”

One can certainly understand where Draymond Green is coming from in this case. After all, Paul George still could have gotten the Clippers some value in return by leaving if they agreed to a sign-and-trade deal with the Warriors. However, the Clippers did not agree to this deal.

This was probably due to the fact that they and the Warriors are from the same state and face each other often. Therefore, they did not want to make a team that could be in their way significantly better.

Will the Clippers regret the loss of Paul George for nothing?

At this point, the Clippers seem to be on the losing side. They have invested too much in star power and now cannot pay their players the desired amount. To cut their losses and possibly make other moves, the Clippers let Paul George leave and join the Philadelphia 76ers.

To find out if the Clippers made a mistake, next season will undoubtedly paint a clearer picture. If they can still go further than the 76ers being led by Kawhi Leonard, it will put more pressure on the 76ers. Fans are left wondering how both teams will fare in the near future.

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