CM Punk and Drew McIntyre’s Past Relationship is troubling WWE fans

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre’s rivalry was undoubtedly one of the best planned feuds in recent WWE history, even with The Second City Saint injured. These two guys have thrown everything into their rivalry, and the amount of attention their feud has already generated shows how much fun it would be to see them compete at a big event soon.

The Scottish Warrior has been on the roster since Punk’s shock return last year, as it helped Drew be in the world title picture multiple times. Every plot development in the incredible feud between Punk and Drew has left fans in awe and itching for a showdown between the two. With Punk’s injuries and the dire situation WWE was in, this turned out better than anyone could have dreamed.

As fans enjoy the current back-and-forth between the two veterans, it’s almost impossible to think that the duo were ever together in 2009. In his Straight Edge persona, Punk had Luke Gallows by his side when he formed the Straight Edge. Society. On the other hand, The Chosen One Drew McIntyre just won the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison.

On the December 15, 2009 SmackDown coverage, Punk teamed with the Scottish Warrior to face the team of Matt Hardy, R-Truth, and John Morrison. Looking at their current rivalry, it’s strange to see the duo together and fight as a team.

Fans are reacting to the strange pairing of CM Punk and Drew McIntyre in the past

It seems that the WWE Universe has forgotten about the time when Punk and Drew teamed up and were massive heels of the company. In a post showing the strange team, fans stated how they didn’t know this happened back in the day. “Oh, I forgot all about this,” said a user in the post while another user commented, “It’s been a while”.

As several fans stated how they became huge rivals, some also pointed out how this angle can be used in the rivalry going forward. Speaking of the match, Punk used his recently won Slammy Award to take the win away and celebrated alongside McIntyre.

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre created one of the best rivalries in WWE history

Following reports that McIntyre didn’t like CM Punk’s WWE return and a great back-and-forth promo on RAW, it was obvious that WWE had enough talent to develop a solid rivalry between these two superstars. Punk vs. Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40 seemed to be the WWE’s top priority at first, but Punk suffered a torn triceps during the Royal Rumble bout, which kept him out of action for several months.

WWE used this to contribute to what would end up being the biggest feud of 2024 rather than cower and take Punk off television. McIntyre would develop an obsession with Punk, enjoying the fact that he had injured him and destroyed his WrestleMania ambitions. He replaced Punk in the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 40, hoping to bring his story of triumphing over Seth Rollins to an end in front of the crowd.

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre (Credit-X)
CM Punk and Drew McIntyre (Credit-X)

Shortly after winning the World Heavyweight Title, McIntyre made his intentions clear and teased Punk with the title. McIntyre’s moment would be stolen by Damian Priest when Punk attacked Drew and made it possible for him to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase. It was a very smart decision to have Punk at WrestleMania, utilizing his star power for such a significant occasion and allowing him to contribute to that ongoing feud.

The genuine animosity that exists between these two men, which is unusual in today’s WWE, is one of the main reasons this feud was so amazing. Fans want to watch Punk and McIntyre bite pieces out of each other because the lines are blurred and the hatred in their eyes feels genuine. When the match finally happens and the WWE produces a video package, they have enough material to make it appear as the biggest feud in history.

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre had several twists and turns
CM Punk and Drew McIntyre had several twists and turns (Credit-WWE)

At WrestleMania, before his own Scotland at Clash in the Castle and again at Money in the Bank, The Second City Saint made sure McIntyre never reached the heights of success. However, McIntyre was the one who injured Punk and stopped his anticipated comeback. He later attacked him several times growing more hostility between them. Fans can support both men in this feud, and when they lock up in the middle of the ring, the atmosphere will be electric.

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