CM Punk Ruins Drew McIntyre’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Win Without Even Appearing

Drew McIntyre vs. CM Punk was arguably the best-booked rivalry in recent WWE history, despite the injury to The Second City Saint. Both of these guys have given this rivalry their all, and the kind of hype their feud already has shows how entertaining it would be to see them go one-on-one at a major event in the near future.

While their rumored match will depend on Punk’s medical clearance, Drew has been trying to make his way to the top on the other side.

After being screwed over by his archrival multiple times, McIntyre entered the MITB 2024 match with the goal of winning the prestigious briefcase so he could get a future title shot.

But, even his entrance before the match could not keep him away from the influence of The Best in the World. The reason was that when The Scottish Warrior made his entrance in front of the crowd in Toronto, Ontario, the audience was spotted chanting Punk’s name, which was just embarrassing for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Drew McIntyre faced CM Punk chants during the men’s MITB match

While the chants Drew had to witness during the entrance were embarrassing for him, it wasn’t the only time this happened at MITB 2024. In fact, Drew McIntyre faced CM Punk chants during the men’s MITB match, as the crowd in Toronto assured to chant the name of The Second City Saint whenever McIntyre gained some momentum in the match.

Drew McIntyre was obviously unhappy with such moves by Canadian fans and it was clearly visible from his reactions to the chants in the match. Drew’s reactions also make it clear how much hatred these two in-ring superstars have for each other, which makes their future encounter even more interesting for everyone in the WWE Universe.

CM Punk chants couldn’t stop Drew McIntyre from winning the MITB briefcase

The chants of CM Punk’s name may have made McIntyre furious, but they couldn’t stop Drew McIntyre from winning the MITB briefcase. Adding another major accolade to his list of accomplishments in WWE, The Scottish Warrior won the 2024 Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase, and now has the opportunity to cash it in whenever and wherever he wants.

Drew McIntyre wins MITB briefcase
Drew McIntyre wins MITB briefcase (Credits- X)

This briefcase win gives him the luxury of getting a shot at any title he wants, but it’s also important that McIntyre is careful about Punk’s possible involvement in his cash-in attempts. Looking at all such possibilities, it’s safe to say that this win at MITB 2024 will make the feud between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk even more entertaining, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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