CM Punk throws Drew McIntyre on this unwanted list of superstars to fail their MITB Cash

Drew McIntyre entered MITB 2024 with the goal of winning the MITB briefcase, and he succeeded in doing so. But The Scottish Warrior also announced that he would cash in on his contract on the same night to win the world title. He did try to do that by involving himself in the match between Damian Priest, and Seth Rollins, but the whole thing didn’t end up according to his expectations.

Shortly after Drew cashed in his MITB briefcase, CM Punk made his presence felt, and attacked his archrival. The Second City Saint used a steel chair to destroy McIntyre, and then sent him back into the ring, after which Damian pinned him to retain his title. With this defeat, McIntyre became only the sixth superstar to fail to cash in the bank in WWE.

John Cena and Drew McIntyre at MITB 2024
John Cena and Drew McIntyre at MITB 2024 (Credits- X)

What makes this even more interesting is that this moment happened on the same day that John Cena announced his retirement, as Cena surprisingly was a part of three of those unsuccessful incomes. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the five failed MITB cash-ins in WWE history.

5. John Cena was the first guy to fail money

It might come as a surprise to many fans, but The Cenation Leader was the first WWE superstar to fail to win a title after cashing in on a Money in the Bank contract. This happened back in 2012, but it was a pre-announced encounter, as Cena challenged CM Punk to a match due to the opportunity he reached with his briefcase.

John Cena was the first guy to fail a MITB Cash-in
John Cena was the first guy to fail a MITB Cash-in (Credits- WWE)

After a great fight, John was able to give The Second City Saint an Attitude Adjustment, but as he tried to capitalize on the momentum, Big Show came out and turned the situation completely against the 16-time World Champion. Due to the interference, John Cena was victorious, but the title remained with CM Punk, and thus this became a forgettable event in the legendary career of the beloved superstar.

4. Damien Sandow’s wits worked against him

Former WWE star Damien Sandow also failed to reach the top of the roster despite winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, and it came against none other than The Cenation Leader. Just a year after failing his own cash-in, Cena was on the receiving end in 2013, as Sandow tried to cash in his contract on John, but the fan-favorite superstar stood tall, and won the match.

This happened on this week’s episode of RAW, as Damien tried to use his wits to win the world title. While interviewing John Cena inside the ring, he started attacking John, and injured his arm. But, The Cenatian Leader was still able to give him a hard time and eventually ended up defeating him. Thus, it’s safe to say that Damien Sandow’s wits worked completely against him.

3. Baron Corbin did not defeat Jinder Mahal

Not many of you might be excited about Jinder Mahal’s reign as WWE Champion, but there’s no doubt that his run at the top has given fans some truly memorable moments. One of them was when Baron Corbin failed to defeat Jinder after cashing in his MITB briefcase. This was the third such case, and it also involved The Cenation Leader, because all this happened after a match between Cena and Mahal.

Baron Corbin's failed venture
Baron Corbin’s failed takeover (Credits- Forbes and Pinterest)

On the August 15, 2017, episode of SmackDown, John defeated The Modern Day Maharaja in a non-title match, and shortly after that, Corbin ran towards the ring with the intention of cashing in on his contract. But, after cashing in, he was distracted by John Cena, and this allowed Jinder Mahal to pin him, and thus successfully retain his title.

2. Brock Lesnar ruined Braun Strowman’s dream of winning a title

Braun Strowman was on a roster in the late 2010s, and he was an absolute monster who used to do crazy things on WWE television. Because of the kind of booking he had, everyone felt that he was sure to win a world title whenever he cashed in on his MITB contract, but that didn’t happen. In fact, Brock Lesnar ruined Braun’s dream of winning a title through his interference.

This happened at Hell in a Cell 2018, when Strowman faced Roman Reigns, who was the Universal Champion at the time. Both of these superstars had an incredible encounter, but then Lesnar made a shocking appearance during the contest and left them devastated. Due to Brock’s attack, the match ended in a no-contest, and Braun’s MITB cash-in did not give him a title win.

1. Austin Theory’s failed takedown on Seth Rollins

The last name on this list is Austin Theory, because he didn’t beat Seth Rollins after cashing in on his MITB contract on The Visionary. Theory’s earnings attempt was somewhat special, as he cashed in his briefcase while challenging Seth for the United States Championship, and not going for a world championship. But his dream of winning gold could not become a reality because of Bobby Lashley.

Lashley interfered in the match by pulling the referee and taking out Austin, and his attack on the young man left Austin Theory just dead. And, after Bobby left, Seth Rollins was able to take advantage of the attack on his opponent and pin Austin Theory to retain his title. In this way, Austin became the fifth superstar in WWE history to fail Money in the Bank income.

Now, with his loss at MITB 2024, Drew McIntyre has also joined this list, and it’s safe to say that he would be furious with CM Punk for costing him a World Heavyweight Championship win. This rivalry has been a lot of fun since it started, and it’s going to get even more personal after everything that happened at the recent PLE in Canada.

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