‘Coffee addict’ Olivia Dunn and sister Julz face unexpected twist at Starbucks

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Recently, LSU star Olivia Dunn aka Livvy’s sister shared a humorous story on Snapchat of her holding a Starbucks coffee, with the ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit model also present in the car. Olivia has been able to earn the title of ‘America’s Crush’ due to her impressive online presence.

Similarly, her older sister Julz, an LSU graduate, is an active social media influencer with a deep understanding of digital personality. Previously, Olivia credited her success and building her million-dollar fortune to her sister as “the brains behind the operation.”

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Jules Dunn talks about the funny incident that happened with Olivia

Recently, Livi’s sister Julz shared a humorous story on Snapchat of them holding a Starbucks coffee, Livi was also present in the car. “While ordering coffee at Starbucks I accidentally said ‘grande’ instead of ‘grande’ and they took me to the back of the store and shot me in the leg,” the caption read.

According to reports, a few days ago, Olivia jokingly confessed to being addicted to coffee by captioning a Snapchat selfie with her sister, both of whom were holding Starbucks cups, and happily said, ‘We are addicts. There is an addiction.

Earlier this year, around Easter, Olivia shared a photo of her sister with her fans on Instagram. Olivia is undoubtedly having a successful career based on her NIL rating, but in an interview, she credited her older sister Julz for her success.

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Jules Dunn is Olivia’s older sister (@JulesDunn/Instagram)

Jules Dunn helps Olivia with her work

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When it comes to Olivia’s social media posts, the siblings will brainstorm together and create content for videos, with Julz often editing while her sister is practicing.

Elle claimed that Olivia’s older sister works as a salaried employee at ‘Livvy Land’ while developing her own social media presence to help other student-athletes maximize their zeros. Less than two months after the NIL regulation changes in 2021, Olivia became the first college athlete to sign with the WME sports agency. According to On3, she earns an estimated $3.4 million annually.

Jules often participates in her younger sister’s gymnastics competitions. While she has completed her studies in Kinesiology, she is currently focusing on building her presence on social media rather than looking for a job

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