Conor McGregor Places Big Bet on Nate Diaz to Win $1,625,000 in Boxing Match Against Jorge Masvidal

Conor McGregor has been fond of betting in recent times, and continues the trend as he bets big on Nate Diaz to beat Jorge Masvidal tonight.

The former two-division Champion, who has gone up against the Stockton Slugger many times, is quite confident that Masvidal poses no real threat to Diaz in a pure boxing match. “I can’t see Masvidal causing any problems for Nate in a boxing ring at all.ā€ he tweeted.

In what appears to be a partnership with DuelBits, much like Drake with Stake, the Notorious bet half a million on Nate Diaz to get the job done against archrival Jorge Masvidal. With a chance to win $1,625,000 on his $500,000 bet, McGregor feels it will be an “EASY” win for the Stockton native.

However, the tweet of confidence was not without some trash talk. “They are both small play around dips * it in battle, play around bollox …ā€ he said in the tweet.

Most fans favor Jorge Masvidal to beat Nate Diaz

Contrary to what Conor McGregor might feel, most fans think Jorge Masvidal beats Nate Diaz. During his stint with the UFC, Masvidal was hailed as one of the best boxers in the UFC, and while the upcoming fight against Gilbert Burns in his last UFC fight says otherwise, it will be interesting to see how he fares in 10-round boxing.

On paper, and as the betting odds suggest, Jorge Masvidal is a massive favorite to win the fight. However, there is a case to be made for Nate Diaz, purely based on his performance as a combat sports athlete and the fact that he went a full ten rounds.

Nate Diaz competed against Jake Paul inside the boxing ring last year in August. He lost the fight via unanimous decision, but much like his entire career, the Stockton native received accolades for his toughness, facing a much heavier and younger opponent in the form of Jake Paul.

Both fighters are 39 years old, and if the fight against Jake Paul is any indication, it will be difficult for Masvidal to knock out Diaz. If that’s the case, it will boil down to cardio, and that’s where Masvidal can have a lot of trouble. Who do you think is raising their hands tonight? Let us know in the comments section.

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