Conspiracy Theory Behind Cody Rhodes’ Decision To Leave AEW Rocks The Internet

Cody Rhodes is one of the most prominent personalities in professional wrestling. He is currently part of WWE, where he is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Rhodes is currently the top babyface in the promotion and has a huge fan base that always looks forward to updates on him.

Meanwhile, before this, Cody Rhodes was popular among the fans for his time in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Cody became a part of AEW in 2019 and participated in many storylines and feuds. In addition to being a wrestler, he also served as the promotion’s executive vice president. But, in 2022, Cody and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, left the promotion.

It was reported that Cody and Brandi left AEW because they were unable to agree on a new deal. On the other hand, Cody has consistently stated that he left AEW for personal reasons. Since then, a jaw-dropping conspiracy theory surrounding Rhodes’ decision to leave AEW has come into the limelight.

Cody Rhodes may have left AEW because of Brandi Rhodes

Cody Rhodes never gave a clear reason for his AEW exit. But now it seems he may have left the Tony Khan-led promotion for his wife, Brandi Rhodes. Recently, a fan took to his “X” handle to post a wild conspiracy theory about Cody’s AEW exit.

The fan stated that Cody may have left AEW because Tony Khan refused to sign a new deal with Brandi Rhodes. To this fan stated, “Funny thing is, as terrible as AEW Brandi was, it seems like a small price to pay to keep the guy who would become the top babyface in wrestling. If not to strengthen AEW, then just to keep him away from WWE”.

Yet again, another fan wrote, “He would not become the biggest babyface in wrestling in aew. He was at the beginning but he didn’t get the exposure that wwe gives”.

Thus, if the fan theories were indeed true, The American Nightmare may have left AEW because of his wife. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that while Cody returned to WWE after his AEW exit, Brandi stayed out of the spotlight. With that, it remains to be seen if Cody will ever state this theory as his reason for leaving; if that happens, it will definitely rock the internet.

Cody Rhodes mentioned that he would always watch AEW

Cody Rhodes has done wonders in WWE. But it seems that even though The American Nightmare is signed to WWE, he will always be watching WWE’s rival promotion, AEW.

Previously, Rhodes appeared for an interview on the Busted Open podcast. Meanwhile, he said, “I think I’ll always look at it because it’s just not something you can put out of your mind”.

Rhodes added that he, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, Tony Khan, Brandi Rhodes, Bernie Cahill, Chris Harrington, and Dana Massie were present during the inception of AEW. They all attended the initial meetings of the promotion.

Rhodes then said again, “So I’ll always have an eye for it. I could never just pretend it wasn’t there anymore.” It can thus be understood that Rhodes controls what happens in All Elite Wrestling. Meanwhile, fans will look forward to more updates on Cody and wait to see what lies ahead for him in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

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