Crane accident at Ramoji Film City: CEO of US-based Teach company dies

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ramoji movie city crane accident

Crane accident in Ramoji movie town

Telangana Police have asked Ramoji Film City to stop any stunts using cages and cranes. A strange incident took place during the American software company’s silver anniversary celebrations at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, seriously injuring an official and killing the founder-CEO. The incident occurred on Thursday evening when Raju Datla, chairman of Vistex, an Illinois-based company, and Sanjay Shah, founder and CEO, were brought down on stage in an iron cage about 20 meters high. feet when one of the wires supporting the structure broke, causing them to fall, according to police.

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ramoji movie city crane accident

Submit Form 304 An investigation is currently underway into three offenses under the Indian Penal Code: 287 negligent driving involving machinery, 336 endangering human life or personal safety of others and causing death by rash or careless act negligent. These offenses were reported to the Abdullapurmet police station. The event management company, Ramoji Film City administration and others responsible for ensuring the safe conduct of the event have been scheduled. The two leaders are seen greeting the audience as they take the stage in a brief video clip of the disaster. Suddenly, the iron frame collapses, causing the two guys to fall onto the platform.

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They were transported to a company hospital after being immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. On Friday at 12:10 p.m., Shah died of his injuries in hospital; Datla remains in critical condition and is receiving treatment for serious injuries, according to medical professionals. Speaking, sub-inspector D Karnakar Reddy said that around 8:40 p.m., about an hour after the collision, a staff member informed the police about the occurrence. According to him, negligence must be demonstrated during the investigation; police have written to experts about the machines used and are awaiting a response. This is a stunt usually seen during stage dance performances. Here the 6mm iron cable supporting the cage broke.

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