‘Dance Life’: Here’s a look at the Prime Video docuseries winners who signed on after graduation

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Viewers just can’t get enough of Amazon Prime Video’s documentary series “Dance Life.”

For those who don’t know, ‘Dance Life’ is a documentary series that follows a select group of students as they go through an important year at the famous Australian dance studio Brent Street.

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Brent Street is Australia’s home for the performing arts offering a wide range of courses and programs tailored to each individual’s unique aspirations and goals. These include preschool classes, recreational classes, elite training classes, a performing arts secondary school and three outstanding full-time courses.

Brent Street Academy students are taught by Lucas Newland and Cassie Bartho.

The star cast of the docuseries included Cassie Bartho, Lucas Newland, Max Ostler, Emily Smith, Conor Bann-Murray, Archer Rose, Kim Naylor, Tiana Vassallo, Max Simmons, Arabella Meleo and Erin Gaw.

Throughout the five-part docuseries, Brent Academy students gave breathtaking performances.

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In the latest episode of the Amazon Prime Video series, Stephen Tannos choreographed the first part.

Meanwhile, Cassie Bartho choreographed the performances “Hangin On” and “Mon Cher”, Mitchell Woodcock and Lauren Seymour choreographed the number “Hit the Road Jack”, Matthew Jenson was behind the performance “Cinema Italiano” and Paris Cavanagh choreographed “Escalate”. ‘act.

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All students delivered spectacular performances during their final performance at Brent Academy.

At the end of the same episode, fans discovered the students who stood out and managed to win the hearts of not only viewers but also dance agencies.

Max Simmons, Tiana, Arabella and Max Ostler are the few students from Brent Street who got lucky and became the winners of the dance docuseries.

“Dance Life” features a group of students competing for lead roles at the end of year graduation ceremony on Brent Street in Australia (Instagram/@emilymadelinesmith)

What does the winner of “Dance Life” get?

At the time of writing, not much is known about the cash prizes awarded to the winners of the dance show “Dance Life”.

It appears no cash prizes were involved in the dance series which revolved around a group of students from Brent Street Academy in Australia.

The main aim of the show was to provide Brent Street students with new opportunities and sign them up with dance agencies that would boost their dance careers.

Where is the ‘Dance Life’ cast now?

Kim made her commercial dance debut at World Pride in Sydney. It was choreographed by The Squared Division.

Erin is studying for a business degree at university but is fitting in assignments in and around her studies. She recently appeared on “Australian Idol” with Max Simmons.

Max Simmons has signed with an agent and booked a contract with an Australian professional dance company. Max and Conor are no longer together but remain good friends.

Conor auditioned for the musical “Wicked” three days after graduation. He booked the Australian national tour. He has also performed alongside Kylie Minogue, Tones and I, Jessica Mauboy and Meghan Trainor.

Arabella signed with an agent and booked her first gig dancing in a commercial. She auditions for musicals, works three jobs, and still plans to see her name “on every billboard you see and every stage you’ve ever heard of.”

Tiana signed with an agent and regularly books corporate dance gigs. She also teaches at Brent Street. Tiana and Tom are still together.

Max Ostler has signed with an agent and is dancing for Opera Australia at the Sydney Opera House. He saves his money to return to Los Angeles and pursue his career.

Archer is represented by two agents. They showed for CELINE in Paris and at Australian Fashion Week.

Lucas has big plans for Brent Street and is launching full-time dancers next year.

While talking to Emily, Samuel McKeown told her that she had surprised him at Grad.

McKeown of Focus Talent Management said, “You really stood out to me. Like you surprised me. Like you were remarkable, I feel like you were elevated and I felt like you were open and I felt like you were just a little bit bigger and so yeah, I feel like you have a place in this industry.

McKeown added: “So I’ll send you the deal and then we’ll get on our feet.”

Emily prepares for her professional dance debut. Meanwhile, Cassie keeps busy working as a choreographer for international artists. She still teaches at Brent Street.

Some “Dance Life” stars have signed up with different agents and agencies (Instagram/@primevideoaunz)

Has “Dance Life” been renewed for season 2?

For the moment, no details on the renewal of the show ‘Dance Life’ for season 2 have been announced by the streaming platform.

However, fans are supportive of season 2 of the dance docuseries and have expressed their excitement on social media as well.

One social media user wrote: “Please tell me there will be a series 2?? And 3???”

Another user added: “I loved it! Although I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering when season 2 will happen? A whole year full time in 5 episodes?! I was on the edge of my seat all the time. and I just can’t wait to see more footage of this group!!! GREAT SERIES.”

One user wrote: “Wow wow wow – Season 2?”

One comment read: “We absolutely inhaled this as a family!! Season two PLEASE!”

One excited fan added: “I need a season 2 please!!! Oh my god.”

One comment read: “Season 2 please and thank you 🙌.”

Prime Video's new documentary series, 'Dance Life', revolves around students competing for the top spots on Brent Street (Instagram/@emilymadelinesmith)
Prime Video’s new documentary series, “Dance Life,” has not been renewed for season 2 at this time (Instagram/@emilymadelinesmith)

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