‘Dark Matter’: 5 best moments from Apple TV+’s amazing sci-fi show

Contains spoilers for ‘Dark Matter’

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Despite the familiar plot, “Dark Matter” turns out to be an engaging series from 2024. It is based on Blake Crouch’s 2016 novel of the same name and makes a genuine attempt to do justice to the source material.

Starring Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly and Alice Braga in the lead, the series offers some exciting and heartfelt moments that deserve a revisit.

“Dark Matter” Episode 1: Jason 1 comes to his house in Reality 2

Alice Braga in a still from 'Dark Matter' (@appletv+)
Alice Braga as Amanda Lucas in “Dark Matter” photo shoot (@appletv+)

While the key moment that initiates the excitement is the kidnapping of Jason Dessen, it is the consequence that follows later.

In a one-of-a-kind abduction, Jason wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings. People around him inform him that it is Velocity’s area.

Unable to recognize anything around him, he goes to his apartment. And that’s where things hit hard. From the paint on the wall to every piece of furniture has been changed.

Jason goes to look around for Daniela and Charlie and faces disappointment. Instead, Amanda Lucas, a stranger to him, claims to live in that house with him.

Joel Edgerton portrays the extreme panic and confusion of Jason at that moment.

‘Dark Matter Episode 5: Jason 1 ends Daniela’s miseries in a pandemic hit reality

Jennifer Connelly as Daniela Dessen in
Jennifer Connelly as Daniela Dessen in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

Daniela Dessen was Jason’s motivation to return home. However, in one of the realities, he has to take extreme steps.

In “Dark Matter” Episode 5, Jason enters a pandemic affected reality. When he visits his apartment, he discovers that Jason from that reality is already dead and taken away while Charlie is also lying dead upstairs in his room.

Daniela has also been infected with the virus and her days are numbered. When a van of essential workers arrives, Jason asks them to take Daniela into custody.

Since all the hospitals are full and Daniela has low chances of survival, they give him five doses of morphine.

Jason walks in and helps Daniela end her misery. That moment breaks Jason’s heart when he loses the love of his life to an illness in an alternate reality.

“Dark Matter” Episode 6: Jason 2 leaves Ryan 1 in an alternate reality

Jimmi Simpson as Ryan Holder in
Jimmi Simpson as Ryan Holder in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

In Episode 6, Ryan Holder confronts Jason 2 after Daniela finds a pair of empty light bulbs in a warehouse. As Ryan asks about the application of the medicine, Jason 2 takes him to the box and introduces him to the multiverse.

Ryan is excited to be a part of something he only knew about in theory. Jason 2 then takes Ryan to a beautiful reality where drill lights illuminate the Chicago skyline.

Ryan 1 is delighted by the beauty of this world and soon realizes that it is not the OG Jason. To keep his secrets safe, Jason 2 leaves Ryan in this alternate world.

In this moment, we not only sympathize with Ryan, but we also get to see the sinister side of Jason 2 and the lengths he is willing to go to keep his secrets.

‘Dark Matter Episode 7: Amanda 2 chooses to stay in one of the realities

Alice Braga as Amanda Lucas in
Alice Braga as Amanda Lucas in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

The best moment in the show has to be when Amanda decides to put herself above Jason’s needs.

Throughout the series, every action she takes is for Jason. She aids in his escape from Velocity and joins him in his multiverse adventures, without thinking about her own future.

On the other hand, not once did Jason assure her that he would not leave her when he reunited with his wife.

In Episode 7, she finally takes the much needed step when she says goodbye to Jason after finding a reality where she could have a life.

‘Dark Matter Episode 7: Jason 1 returns to OG reality

Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen in a still from
Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen in “Dark Matter” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Episode 7 contains another highly anticipated moment of Jason 1 finally returning to his world. The empty light bulbs near the box, the familiar neon sign of The Village Tap bar and the memorial tree assure him that this time he has indeed landed in the right world.

While we anticipated that his return would follow a confrontation with Jason 2, an exciting twist awaited us. The final moments of the episode, showed Jason arriving at a gun shop followed by the arrival of another version (and none of them are Jason 2).

This moment suggests that multiple Jasons have arrived in Reality 1 at the same time on a mission to reclaim their lives from Jason 2 and Jason 1 must now fight each of them to emerge victorious.

How to stream ‘Dark Matter’?

“Dark Matter” consists of nine episodes, with an average duration of 45 minutes each. Blake Crouch, the author of 2016 novel “Dark Matter,” took on the role of showrunner and head writer for the TV adaptation.

‘Dark Matter’ is exclusively available to stream on Apple TV+.

“Dark Matter” Trailer.

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