‘Dark Matter’ on Apple TV+: 5 burning questions we still have

Contains spoilers for ‘Dark Matter’

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Apple TV+’s “Dark Matter” ended with Episode 9, leaving fans to ponder unanswered mysteries.

The science fiction series offered an engaging experience, introducing audiences to a multiverse adventure based on the principles of quantum mechanics.

While Jason Dessen (Joel Edgerton), the show’s protagonist, is finally reunited with his family in the finale episode, creator Blake Crouch leaves many loose ends loose, allowing fans to interpret the ending in various ways or speculate about a possible second season.

Here are the five things left unanswered in “Dark Matter” Season 1:

1. What happens to several Jasons in ‘Dark Matter’ finale?

Joel Edgerton in a still from 'Dark Matter' (@appletv+)
Joel Edgerton in a still from ‘Dark Matter’ (@appletv+)

In the Season 1 finale, Jason 1A escaped Reality 1 with Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) and Charlie (Oakes Fegley), leaving Jason 2 and other versions of Jason 1 to their fate.

Fans were most curious to know what happened to the many versions of Jason 1 who came to Reality 1 looking for Daniela.

We know that some of them died while fighting each other, but many are still alive, upset about how things ended for them.

How will the corpses of dozens of Jasons be handled? Where will the other Jasons go? Will Jason 2 return to Reality 2? The mystery continues.

2. Does Leighton 2 live in ‘Dark Matter’?

Dayo Okeniyi as Leighton Vance in
Dayo Okeniyi as Leighton Vance in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

In “Dark Matter” Episode 4, we saw Leighton 2 (Dayo Okeniyi) trapped in liminal space trying to find Jason 1 and Amanda 2 (Alice Braga). In his last appearance, he was seriously injured and opened the door to an infernal world.

Blake Crouch hasn’t explicitly addressed what happened to him, leaving fans to wonder if he’s already dead.

The version of Leighton Vance we see in the final episode is from Reality 1, who purposely and happily went into the box to explore different realities with no intention of returning.

3. Did Daniela leave Reality 1 with the right Jason in ‘Dark Matter’ Episode 9?

Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly and Oakes Fegley in 'Dark Matter' (@appletv+)
Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, and Oakes Fegley in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

It was easy to differentiate between good Jason and bad Jason until Episode 8 when multiple versions of Jason 1 entered the picture.

Jason 1 split into many versions after his abduction and they all set out on a mission to reunite with their family.

By the end of the series, it became difficult to determine who the real protagonist was because they all were. All these new versions were robbed of their life and deserved to be with Daniela.

The final moments of the show focused on the rubber band on Jason 1A’s finger, indicating that he is the one we’ve been following since Episode 1.

But we can’t ignore the fact that there must be several other Jasons who had the same rubber band on their finger.

We may have to convince ourselves that Daniela ended up with a worthy Jason, unless Blake Crouch has another turn planned for Season 2, if there is one.

4. In which world are Jason 1, Daniela and Charlie going?

Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly and Oakes Fegley in 'Dark Matter' (@appletv+)
Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, and Oakes Fegley in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

The final montage of Season 1 showed Charlie opening the door to a new world. The series did not present what this new world looked like and whether the Dessen family chose to stay there.

There is also a possibility that they did not fit in the world to which they opened the door and continued to remain in a liminal space for a while.

5. Why aren’t there multiple versions of Jason 2 in ‘Dark Matter’?

Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen in
Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen in “Dark Matter” (@appletv+)

Introducing a hundred versions of Jason 1, “Dark Matter” established a theory that a person/object splits into many when in a state of superimposition. This leaves us wondering why there aren’t other versions of Jason 2.

Jason 2 often traveled to other facts after kidnapping Jason 1 in Episode 1. This also includes an incident when he abandoned Ryan 1 (Jimmi Simpson) in a parallel world.

We wonder why in moments like these Jason 2 didn’t split in two, and both ended up in Reality 1.

How to stream ‘Dark Matter’?

“Dark Matter” boasts an ensemble cast including Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga, and Jimmi Simpson.

The series premiered on May 8, 2024, and ended its run on June 26.

“Dark Matter” Season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV+.

“Dark Matter” Trailer.

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