Death and obituary of Caleb Jordaan, Pietermaritzburg, student at Merchiston Preparatory School

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Caleb Jordan

Death of Caleb Jordaan

The City of Pietermaritzburg and Merchiston Preparatory School are mourning the loss of Caleb Jordaan, a young man whose infectious personality and unwavering determination were well known. Caleb was a beloved student at his school and a family man, so his influence was wide and deep. Every classroom he entered was animated by his innate interest and enthusiasm for learning, creating a lasting impression on everyone around him. Caleb was a well-liked person in his community because of his ability to create friendships and his generous nature. Although his passing leaves a void, his legacy of happiness and kindness endures. In Merchiston, Caleb’s memory will always be a beacon of hope and a constant reminder of the remarkable person he was.

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Death of Caleb Jordaan

Following the untimely death of eight-year-old Caleb Jordaan, London joins the Merchiston Preparatory School community in its deep mourning. On January 6, 2024, Caleb, a lively 2nd grader well known for his infectious laugh and commitment to his studies, died in an accident. His school, family and friends all feel the heartbreaking void left by this tragic event. The community was deeply shaken by Caleb’s abrupt departure, which highlights how fleeting life is. Everyone he met was touched by his kindness and optimistic enthusiasm, which made his passing even more tragic.

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Caleb’s memory resonates as the school struggles to cope with this catastrophe. Teachers, classmates and friends will always cherish the memories of a young person whose life was sadly cut short. The way the community came together to support each other and celebrate Caleb’s life during this difficult time is proof of the lasting impact he left on so many. The Merchiston Preparatory School community and the Jordaan family are saddened by the sudden and tragic death of Caleb Jordaan, an exceptional eight-year-old whose life was tragically cut short on January 6, 2024 by an unfortunate accident.

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