Death and Obituary of Grant Corley, Crowley LA: Member of St Michael’s Church

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Grant Corley

Death of Grant Corley

Sadly, Crant Corley, a longtime member of St. Michael Church in Crowley, Louisiana, has passed away. His death on Tuesday January 9, 2024 devastated his friends and family. “On behalf of my family, it is with deepest sadness that I announce the passing of my little brother, Grant Corley,” was the message revealing his passing. As we currently experience great sadness and loss, my brother’s life holds great significance. It is unclear what caused Grant Corley’s death. Grant grew up in Crowley, where he was born. Blake, Madeline and Caroline, as well as his parents, Donald and Shawne Keigley Corley, survive him.

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Death of Grant Corley

Grant has been proud to contribute to his family’s businesses since joining the team in 2015, continuing his family’s tradition in the automotive industry. Those who knew him remember him as a person of many talents. Grant was a prolific interior designer and graphic artist in addition to contributing to the family automobile business and Shetler Christmas Lights, founded by his great-grandfather, the late Don Shetler. As an enthusiastic antiques dealer, Grant traveled the world in search of unusual furniture, stamps, cameras, typewriters, cuckoo clocks and other items. He accumulated an astonishing amount of valuables, including priceless family treasures.

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The late Queen Elizabeth II’s husband gave her the nickname Cabbage, after whom Grant named his corgi because he was so fascinated by the history of the British royal family. Grant often wore a bow tie and flashy socks, in keeping with his renowned sense of style. One of Grant’s many skills was cooking; he helped his grandmother collect favorite family recipes for a cookbook. Because of his countless hours volunteering with seniors, Grant was a valued presence in many assisted living facilities over the years. Before joining the first class of St. John Berchmans Academy, Grant attended Notre Dame High School and St. Michael School.

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