“Death and Other Details” Episode 1 to remember: Keith Trubitsy’s murder sheds light on Imogene’s past

Contains spoilers for “Death and Other Details”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Episode 1 of “Death and Other Details” focuses on a murder that takes place aboard a luxury cruise ship. Preparing the audience for an exciting spectacle with the complex web of events on the ship, the narrator emphatically emphasizes the importance: “Be careful. Details matter.

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Episode 1 sets a solid premise for Season 1 as it introduces the key characters and briefly delves into their interrelated pasts.

A murder in a locked room during the cruise makes them suspects while we get subtle hints of dark secrets that go far beyond the murder.

Imogene helps Rufus solve the murder mystery.

The morning after the murder, Imogene Scott (Violett Beane) realizes she might be in trouble when she sneaks into Keith Trubitsky’s (Michael Gladis) room the night before.

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She goes to the security room to delete the CCTV footage. However, Rufus (Mandy Patinkin), the detective, confronts her and tells her that she is the main suspect in the case.

However, deep down, Rufus believes that she is innocent and that she could help him stay out of trouble if she helps him with the case.

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Keith Trubitsky is murdered in his bedroom in Hulu's
Keith Trubitsky in “Death and Other Details” (Hulu)

Rufus, who spent time with Imogene during her childhood while solving her mother’s case, knew that she was gifted with a keen memory and intelligence.

Before agreeing to help him, she inquires about the reasons for his abrupt departure from the investigation into his mother’s murder. Rufus, however, reveals a more complex truth, claiming that their reunion on the ship has a purpose.

Under pressure to reveal details, Rufus says he’s trying to piece together the last pieces of a puzzle. His statement suggests that he is on the final step in solving the mystery behind the murder of Imogene’s mother.

What is the connection between Keith Trubitsy and Imogene’s past?

Near the end of the episode, there is footage of young Imogene listening to Rufus as he divulges potential information about her mother’s mysterious death.

She overhears Rufus questioning Lawrence Collier (David Marshall Grant) about Victor Sams, who, in return, questions Rufus’ abilities saying he was only able to come up with a false name after months of investigation .

Shortly after, Rufus leaves their home, announcing his decision to withdraw from the case. It is at this moment that we discover Keith Trubitsky at the controls of Rufus’ car, revealing his role as Rufus’ former assistant.

Young Imogen witnesses her mother's death in Hulu's 'Deaths and Other Details'
Young Imogen witnesses her mother’s death in “Deaths and Other Details” (Hulu)

Keith realizes that it’s no coincidence that she, Rufus, and Keith were on the ship together.

The final sequence shows Rufus beginning to cross-examine the suspects when he is interrupted by Imogene who wants to be questioned first.

The next episode would unravel further mysteries surrounding the secrets of each of the key characters while delving deeper into the motivations for the murder.

“Death and Other Details” Season 1 Episode 1 is now streaming on Hulu.

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