“Desperate Lies” Ending Explained: Did Liana and Her Sons Survive?

Contains spoilers for Netflix’s “Desperate Lies.”

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: Netflix’s “Desperate Lies” delves deep into Liana’s struggles with hidden truths that threaten her life. Directed by Angela Chaves, the Brazilian drama mixes romance and drama against a vibrant cultural backdrop.

As the series ends, it promises a powerful ending where secrets unravel, forgiveness is sought, and the complexities of family ties take center stage in a moving story of redemption and emotional growth.

Liana’s path, full of unexpected twists and emotional calculations, culminates in a deep exploration of family ties and the enduring power of love. The finale navigates through poignant revelations and pivotal confrontations, offering closure while leaving room for contemplation on the complexities of forgiveness and healing.

Liana confesses the truth to her sons in “Desperate Lies”

Photocom of the show
Photocom of the show “Desperate Lies” (@netflix)

In the gripping finale of ‘Desperate Lies’, Liana (Juliana Paes) faces her troubled past head-on, navigating through shocking revelations that transform her relationships and sense of self. She bravely opens up to her sons about Oscar’s (Felipe Abib) attack, showing her unwavering dedication to motherhood despite the difficult circumstances of her pregnancy.

Marcus, learning the truth about his father, struggles with conflicting feelings, mirroring Liana’s journey to forgiveness and understanding. Amid court battles and emotional turmoil, the jury’s decision to recognize Thomas (Vladimir Brichta) as the boys’ father adds another layer of complexity to their already turbulent family dynamic.

Meanwhile, Debora’s distrust of Liana and Marcus’ discomfort with their family ties deepen existing rifts. However, Liana’s love for her sons shines through, culminating in a heartfelt family celebration that both heals some wounds and exposes others.

Liana faces trauma when Thomas burns down her house in “Desperate Lies”

Photocom of the show
Photocom of the show “Desperate Lies” (@netflix)

On the eve of Thomas and Claudia’s wedding, tensions reach a boiling point. Claudia, unknowingly wearing earrings that belonged to Liana, unknowingly symbolizes the intertwined fates of those connected to Liana’s story. The situation escalates when C├ęsar, Marcus’s grandfather, confronts Thomas with a gun, accusing him of Oscar’s murder, but Marcus stops him.

In a powerful moment, Marcus and Matheus stand united against their father, showing their loyalty to each other and their mother. Through a brave video confession, Liana shares the complexities of her pregnancy, inspiring others like Patricia to come forward with their own stories about Oscar’s attacks.

Her bravery empowers the community to seek justice and face their truths. In a tender moment, Liana bonds with Dante at an event, hinting at new beginnings and emotional healing.

Thomas’ descent into madness culminates when he hallucinates Liana as a snake, consumed by guilt and anger.

His reckless act of setting Liana’s home on fire sparks a dramatic confrontation, but Liana’s quick thinking saves her sons. Thomas is arrested, bringing a definitive end to the riot. With Thomas behind bars, Liana finds peace and closure. Despite scars from the past, she looks forward to a future shaped by love, resilience, and the unwavering support of her sons.

‘Desperate Lies’ is available for streaming on Netflix

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