“Desperate Lies” Episode 14 Takeout: Can Tomás accept Marcos? A tragic accident can bring major changes

Contains spoilers for “Desperate Lies” Episode 14 on Netflix

BRASÍLIO, BRAZIL: “Desperate Lies” grows more intense with each episode as Liana’s (Juliana Paes) past continues to deeply affect her present circumstances.

In “Desperate Lies”, after discovering that Tomás (Vladimir Brichta) is cheating on her, Liana goes to a club and consumes alcohol and drugs. Later, the brother of Liana’s friend, Oscar (Felipe Abib), sexually assaults her. Later, she becomes pregnant with two babies, each with Tomás and Oscar’s DNA.

Soon, Liana gives birth to two babies: Mateus, who is the child of Tomás, and Marcos, who is the child of Oscar. As time passes, Tomás accepts Mateus as his own child, but he does not treat Marcos nicely.

In Episode 13, Marcos goes to Débora’s (Martha Nowill) bar after learning that he is Oscar’s child. He finally understands why Tomás never fully accepted him.

At a bar, he sees a man stealing money and argues with him, causing chaos, and also brandishes a knife. Mateus arrives on the scene, causing violence, and they both end up at the police station.

“Desperate Lies” Episode 14 intensifies the drama even more. So, let’s jump in!

Tomás’ actions deeply affect Marcos in Episode 14

Vladimir Brichta as Tomás in a photo film of
Vladimir Brichta as Tomás in photo shoot of “Desperate Lies” (@netflix)

In “Desperate Lies” Episode 14, the actions of Tomás deeply affect Marcos, because he gives bail to Mateus but not to Marcos. This differential treatment exacerbates Marcos’ feelings of rejection and indignation, highlighting the strained relationship between him and Tomás.

Tomás’ lack of sympathy for Marcos indicates that he may never fully accept him as his own child. Marcos also discovers that Tomás killed his father, Oscar, after learning the truth. That revelation intensifies the hatred of Marcos towards both Tomás and his mother.

Feeling abandoned and scorned by Tomás could cause Marcos to rebel or act in ways that seek attention or validation. The impact of such a tumultuous family dynamic on a young mind like Marcos’s could result in unforeseen consequences, both for himself and those around him.

Marcos faces difficult challenges because he knows he has no father. This, along with bullying at school, puts a lot of pressure on him. These struggles could lead to mental health issues.

Tomás’ actions became unbearable to watch when he records a confession revealing that Liana cheated on him and Marcos is not his biological son. That explosive revelation, caught on viral video, exacerbates Marcos’ existing problems and plunges their family into deeper turmoil.

Juliana Paes like Liana and Vladimir Brichta like Tomás in a photo film of
Juliana Paes as Liana and Vladimir Brichta as Tomás in photo shoot of “Desperate Lies” (@netflix)

In addition, Liana finds herself thrust into a public and deeply personal crisis, navigating the fallout from Tomás’s confession while trying to shield Marcos from the harsh realities of public scrutiny.

As Tomás’s confession spreads virally, people may start making fun of Liana and Marcos without knowing the full truth. Liana may face accusations of betrayal and deceit, with people questioning her integrity and character based on Tomás’ accusations.

Could Marcos’ accident bring him closer to Tomás?

Vladimir Brichta as Tomás in a photo film of
Vladimir Brichta as Tomás in photo shoot of “Desperate Lies” (@netflix)

In a fit of rage, Marcos crashes his bike in the middle of the road, resulting in severe bleeding. He is quickly transported to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The medical team works urgently to stabilize Marcos as his condition worsens. Liana and Silvia (Paloma Duarte) arrive at the hospital to meet Marcos.

As Marcos lies unconscious, the possibility remains that this crisis could serve as a catalyst for reconciliation. However, Tomás refuses to visit Marcos in the hospital.

Tomás’s inability to accept Marcos, even in the wake of such a major accident, indicates that their strained relationship may be beyond repair. If this tragic event can’t soften Tomás’ heart or encourage him to reconcile with Marcos, nothing ever will.

Tomás’ persistent hatred and refusal to reconcile will not only cause his own downfall but will also seriously affect Marcos’ mental health. Marcos, who yearns for nothing more than love and acceptance, will only receive hatred from Tomás.

This situation affects Liana deeply, as she wants nothing but the best for her sons amid the turmoil they face. Seeing Marcos struggle with Tomás’ rejection and the emotional fallout from their strained relationship could affect her health.

Will Marcos recover from his coma and how might that affect his relationship with Tomás? Only time will tell.

“Desperate Lies” Episode 14 is now streaming on Netflix

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